Battles of World War II.

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World War II left in the history of every people a small piece.This is truly terrifying and at the same time, the great period changed the world beyond recognition.Almost every country plays its part in this war.For the states of the former Soviet World War II holds a special place in history.She even has a different name - the Great Patriotic War.This period of history was truly a turning point for the people of modern Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the Soviet Union.This war has become a test of courage, the courage and the will of the great Soviet people.

Soviet army has proven its professionalism and inviolability even in the face of such a terrible ideological enemy, Nazism.

Today historians are constant discussions about the major battles of the Great Patriotic War.Many facts still have not been disclosed, because of the "great love" to the secrets of the Soviet government.Nevertheless, we can identify the main stages and battles of the Great Patriotic War.But, before you describe them, it is necessary to recall the reasons which led the military conflict between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union.

Great Patriotic War - the reasons

As we know, on September 1 1939, the Second World War.The main conflict has escalated from Germany in the West.At that time, German Nazism developed in its classical form.Hitler's power was limitless.Although the charismatic leader actually declared war on all States, the Soviet Union was in no hurry to join her because pact "non-aggression".

He was signed August 23, 1939.The contract stipulated a neutral attitude to the Soviet war, which will lead Germany against the West and Europe.It was also approved by the cooperation with other countries.Both parties were forbidden to take part in the unions, which are somehow contrary to their interests.For such "tolerance" on the part of the Soviet Union, Germany was obliged to return a part of their lost territory.There is also a secret protocol in which the parties made the reservation division of power in Eastern Europe and Poland.In fact, this agreement was signed with a view to further establish mutual world domination.But there was one problem.From the outset, Germany does not want peace with the Soviet Union.Of course, it was profitable in the early stages of the war, but about any mutual domination was not the question.

Further actions in Germany can only be described in one word - treason.This sneaky move has generated great battles of the Great Patriotic War.On 22 June 1941, Germany attacked the Soviet Union officially.Since that time the Great Patriotic War.Next, we consider the main battle of the Great Patriotic War, which play an important role in the history of this period.

Battle of Moscow

Wehrmacht used specific offensive tactics.Their attack is based on the interaction of all arms.At first subjected to a powerful enemy fire from the air.For aircraft immediately went tanks that literally burned the enemy troops.At the end began its action the German infantry.Through these tactics the enemy troops, led by General Bock, already in September 1941 made their way to the center of the Soviet Union - Moscow.At the beginning of the onset of the German army divisions consisted of 71.5, which is about 1.7 million people.Also in its composition, there were 1,800 tanks, 15,100 guns, 1,300 aircraft.According to these indicators, the German side was greater Soviet approximately five times.

September 30, 1941 the Germans start an offensive on Moscow.From the earliest stages of the Moscow offensive Wehrmacht suffered significant setbacks.Already on October 17, the Soviet army under the command of Zhukov to stop the offensive, through the implementation of the operation "Typhoon".In anemic enemy forces remained only on trench warfare, so in January 1942, the Germans were defeated and driven back 100 kilometers from Moscow.This victory is to dispel the myth of invincibility of the army of the Fuhrer.Moscow was the line that had to be overcome on the way to victory.The German army has not coped with the task, so the war in Hitler ultimately lost.But the Battle of the Great Patriotic War does not end there.Below we look at really the turning point in this global conflict.


Today it is possible to allocate a lot of events that are known to the Great Patriotic War.The Battle of Stalingrad is the turning point that led to a series of devastating setbacks of the German Army.The period of the Battle of Stalingrad can be divided into two stages: the beginning and the counter-offensive.July 17, 1942 began the famous Stalingrad bitva.Na this stage, the German troops arrived in the town.The Soviet army until recently did not want to take.Forces of the Soviet Union Lieutenant-General Vatutin and Timoshenko.They managed to paralyze the German, but Soviet troops were surrounded.In the city were constantly clashes between small groups of Soviet and German soldiers.According to the memoirs of veterans: "In Stalingrad it was a real hell."In one of the museums in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) kept quite interesting exhibit: the bullets that fall into each other.This testifies to the intensity of the fighting in the city.With regard to strategic value, it does not actually exist.The city was important as a symbol of power to Hitler Stalin.Therefore, it had to take, and most importantly, keep it.Hence, the city became the center of conflict of interest at a time when the Great Patriotic War took place.The Battle of Stalingrad allowed to evaluate and compare the power of two ideological titans of the XX century.

counterattack at Stalingrad

German army, led by General Paulus, a counter-offensive by the time numbered 1,010,600 people, 600 tanks, 1,200 combat aircraft and about 10,000 guns.On the part of the Soviet Union was almost the same number of soldiers and military equipment.Significant forces that pulled our side during the siege, allowed November 20, 1942 to take the offensive and surround the Germans.

By the evening of January 31, 1943 Stalingrad German group was eliminated.These results were achieved thanks to the coordinated work of three major fronts of the Soviet Union.Battle of Stalingrad celebrate along with other major battles of World War II.Because this event is significantly undermined the strength of the German army.In other words, after Stalingrad Germany he was not able to renew its combat power.In addition, the German command could not even imagine that the city will come from the environment.But it happened, and subsequent events is not in favor of the Fuhrer.

Great Patriotic War: The Battle of Kursk

After the events in the city of Stalingrad, the German army was never able to recover, however it still poses a serious threat.In Kursk (formed the front line after the victory at Stalingrad), German troops have collected a considerable amount of his powers.The Soviet side was going to hold a powerful attack in the city of Kursk.In the early stages of the German troops had significant victories.They are commanded by the famous German military leaders as Mr. Kluge and Manstein.The main task of Soviet troops was to prevent promotion of a new Nazi armies "Center" inland.The situation has changed radically July 12, 1943.

Prokhorovskaya Battle 1943

Great Battles of World War II were unpredictable.One such battle tank is the confrontation near the village of Prokhorovka.It was attended by more than 1,000 tanks and self-propelled guns from both sides.After this battle of questions about who will win the war, there is not.The German army was defeated, though not until the end.After Prokhorov battle Soviet troops were able to undertake a large-scale offensive in the Belgorod and Kharkov.This actually ends the story of the Kursk conflict, most large-scale battle of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union that opened the doors for the conquest of Berlin.

Taking Berlin 1945 Berlin operation

played the final role in the history of German-Soviet confrontation.Its aim was the defeat of the German forces that formed near the city of Berlin.

Near the town housed the army group "Center", as well as the military group "Vistula" and under the command of Heinrici Schoerner.On the part of the Soviet Union acted as an army of three fronts under the command of Marshal Zhukov, Konev and Rokossovsky.Taking Berlin ended with the surrender of Germany May 9, 1945.

major battle of World War II in this phase are completed.Even just a few months, namely, 2 September 1945, World War II ended.

Conclusion So, in the article were considered the most important battle of the Great Patriotic War.The list can be supplemented by other equally important and famous events, but in this article presents the most epic and memorable battle.Today it is impossible to imagine anyone who would not know about the great feat of the Soviet soldiers.