Internet does not work?

Access to Internet resources has long been available to the public.Already, the cost of services per month is less than $ 12 (the wireline service providers with unlimited tariffs) with a tendency to decrease.In the telecommunications market there is even tempting offers to pay just $ 6.Thus, just enough to order the service provider and connect the cable to your computer.List the opportunities offered to the user, it is meaningless - they are known to all.Unfortunately, people have not yet created nothing is perfect, and so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the forum people are trying to figure out why sometimes the internet is connected but not working.Who faced such problem, I know how unpleasant it is.And business, dependent on network performance can suffer.

Note that if the Internet is not working - that is no reason for panic.The reasons for this can range from the most complex, requiring the provider of a serious approach to address them, to the banal, to decide that the user can ... simply by pressing the reset button.In the case where the Internet is not working, you need to safely do their utmost for their part, and only then call the customer support provider, in the hearts (or reality) banging his fist on the table and demanding a direct telephone line to the director.Wise eastern peoples argue that in any situation should remain calm spirit ...

Sometimes access is blocked frozen applications, occupy all available ports.Therefore, if the Internet is not working, we should start with a simple - to restart the computer.This simple action is often incredibly effective.If a modem is used to access (CDMA, ADSL), it is also necessary and restart it.

sometimes does not work online because the antivirus program.Alas, the good intentions of the developers, sometimes, lead to unexpected results.For example, well-known of Dr.Web under certain circumstances blocking access to the network.Thus, if a connection is created to load the main security modules, it is regarded as a security breach, and then in the automatic mode is the prohibition of transmission of any data.You must disable anti-virus and test the functionality.Generally, it is a fairly common cause.

Theoretically, the problem of access can also occur due to "contamination" of the computer virus.So you need to download the utility CureIt by Dr.Web Removal Tool or from Kaspersky and use it to check the system for viruses.Sometimes

access disappears due to violation of the electrical contact.It is extracted from the connector plug of the mains lead, wait 5-10 seconds, and re-enable it (for wiring).But wireless GPRS, EDGE, CDMA connections are too dependent on weather conditions, so the loss of connections when using them - a usual phenomenon.

But if you are not running the Internet through a router, the list of "suspects" increases.In addition to the foregoing, it is necessary to reboot the device.You can do hardware "Reset" button or via web-interface.The next step - it is necessary to prescribe the parameters of the network card configuration protocol TCP / IP (and gateway address).

Of course, we should not forget that in the solution can meet the provider.In such a situation it can only wait.