Installing software from the Ubuntu repositories

each person who uses a computer has to download a variety of applications.In most cases, software installation - very simple process that is executed automatically.

Many people mistakenly believe that in order to install applications on Ubuntu does not require all the available knowledge, and complex instruction sets will have to be entered manually.Everything is completely different.Not even the most advanced user to easily cope with this problem, despite the fact that the software installation on Linux is fundamentally different from similar action in Windows.The easiest way for beginners - is to download software from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Installing from a repository in the GUI

In Ubuntu Software Center is provided, which stores have been tested both free and paid programs and packages.Installing software from a repository facilitates the process and ensure the correct operation of applications.

Before installing the repository you want to run by clicking its icon, which can be found on the vertical panel on the left (when you hover the cursor over the icon will appear its name - "Software Center Ubuntu").The main page of the repository is left to block the categories at the top center of the page - new programs, at the bottom - the application that received the highest ratings.

categories box presents all sorts of topics: Internet, office, games, system, media and so on. D. If you expand any of them, you can see all of the programs included in it.Applications that are already installed on your computer are marked with green checkmarks.

To quickly find the program you must enter its name in the search box, located at the top left.Then turn on the search and wait for the results will appear in the application icon.After clicking on it will drop box with two buttons, "More" and "Install".If you want to download the software, you should click on the button, and the software installation will start automatically.Before downloading, you can see screenshots and read a description and reviews of the program, for which you must click on the "More".

Installation from repositories through the terminal

Installing software on Ubuntu repository via the terminal - simple and quick process, during which you can download multiple applications.To do this you need to know just one simple click.

To access the terminal, you need to enter the "Main Menu."It is the top-most icon on the left sidebar.Then, open the section "Standard" and select "Terminal".This opens a window where you must enter the command "sudo apt-get install" and the name of one or more applications that are listed separated by a space."Sudo" command gives superuser, "apt-get" lets you download software from the repository automatically, "install" instructs the installation.After pressing «Enter» will need to enter your system password, through which the user logs in Ubuntu.Please be aware that when you enter the password characters are not displayed (most likely, you will see markers).Then begin software installation.To remove unneeded more components, enter the same command, changing the word "install" on the "remove".

All downloaded applications can be found in the relevant sections in the "Main Menu."