What is the singularity?

At the moment the question of what is a singularity, concerned not only people interested in science, but also the best scientists in the world.This term we encountered in mathematics, physics, astronomy, cosmology and other sciences.Its interpretation varies slightly, but the principle remains the same.Because we now turn consider that such a singularity from a different perspective, and find out what is so interesting for researchers is a mysterious phenomenon.

total interpretation of the term

Before we begin to delve into the mysteries of the universe, let us turn to the history of the universe.The most correct at the time of the current version of the origin of the world is the theory of the Big Bang.At the time of the birth of all that surrounds us, there was only one single point of singularity.Its dimensions are not precisely known, but for understanding, scientists often compare it with a pea.We should not think that this mini-ball could hold in your hand.Its mass is equal to the mass of all the stars and galaxies that exist today in space.Moreover, the temperature of the pea just rolls and the force of gravity it was higher than those currently existing black holes.In other words, the point of singularity - a unit of space-time, which was all the matter that fills our universe.

How did time?

should definitely be emphasized that the term "matter" is meant not only the space, consisting of billions of astronomical units, and all time periods.Yes, it's hard to imagine, but to understand that such a singularity, it is necessary to imagine while the spatial dimension in which you can move both forward and backward.All this is inextricably linked to the curvature of space, which we will discuss below.Scientists also do not know for how long by earthly standards existed, this pea.Paradoxically, in such a compressed state in any dimension infinity is zero.Later singularity point began to increase, the temperature dropped to it, the particles repel each other.So while separated from the rest of measurements and has ceased to be a spatial unit.Because today it can only go forward.

Cosmological concepts

As you know, science is cosmology deals with the study of the evolution of the universe.It hears all the so-called era that followed the Big Bang.That's according to this theory, the scientists hypothesized that the universe emerged from a singularity.At the same period of the last is not.On this basis, there is still scrutinized the two most plausible version.The first is that our world is static.A large explosion occurred at a certain moment, when all the particles are in a state of perpetual contraction, sharply pushed apart.In addition, the singularity of the universe until the explosion was characterized by the presence of matter and antimatter.Today, scientists have not found a single antiparticle.The second version is based on the fact that the Big Bang - a real space.It was found that the galaxies are constantly away from each other, therefore, the process of expansion of the world continues to this day.

singularity in cosmology

In the evolution of the cosmos as it may seem, there is no place in the world operating physical formulas and laws.This phenomenon clearly shows us the cosmological singularity.Of course, in practice, to find out the condition at the time of the birth of the world is the mother, it is impossible, but in theory, scientists calculated the paradoxical laws.The first - the curvature of space-time.This means that lay flat geodesic line or angle in the singularity is impossible.Second - this, as we have said, a very different time.Here you can get to any point in the time interval.The cosmological singularity, according to scientists, - a reference point, which is called the Big Bang.During this period, the density and temperature of the substance nearing infinite.At the same time a measure of chaos tends to zero, multiplying the two previous units.From the standpoint of physics the earth temperature and density can not simultaneously be in an endless state.And this is just one of the many paradoxes that scientists may never unravel.

old and new theory

Many years ago, Albert Einstein gave the world the famous theory of relativity, which is now called the theory of gravity.Thanks to her, we now describe all phenomena in time and space that surround us.In accordance with the theory of physical objects can not have a singularity.That is, in practice, any material or substance can not be mass, density or temperature equal to infinity.But mathematics has a reputation as a theoretical science, because it is a place with endless functions values.Imposing one area of ​​knowledge to another, we obtain rough estimates of what could happen at the moment of the Big Bang.It is, as already mentioned, the point with infinite physical quantities.Such a phenomenon is called a physical or cosmic singularity.But it can not be compared with the laws of relativity.To explain this phenomenon can a new theory of quantum gravity.It is a branch of physics which studies the behavior of light, its properties and significance in the universe.The theory itself does not yet exist, but there are certain calculations and assumptions, which may be its foundation.

unravel the mysteries of gravity

In astrophysics there is such a thing as the escape velocity.It is used to determine the degree of acceleration with which a certain object can resist the gravitational forces.For example, a missile with its mass must move at a speed of about 12 km / s, to leave the Earth's atmosphere.But if our planet with a diameter of 12,742 kilometers, and one centimeter, then to overcome the gravitational field would have to move at a speed greater than the speed of light.In this case, the Earth would not be surrounded by familiar to us the force of gravity, but the gravitational singularity.Of course, all this theory, as if our planet is to take these dimensions, it will turn into a black hole.But this experience enables us to understand what is the meaning of gravity in the Universe.

What determines the force of gravity?

atoms are arranged closer to each other, the denser substance.If the molecule as a interact, the heating process takes place, therefore, the temperature of the substance increases.In terrestrial conditions, such processes occur within certain limits, because we have long invented a formula allowing to calculate the behavior of any chemical element.This is because the force of Earth's gravity does not allow particles to approach less than a certain distance, and moving away more than a specific amount.In an open space where there is a wasteland between galaxies, space is especially unloaded, it is called a vacuum.There is no gravity in principle, because a small amount of matter is in chaos.Near the very dense objects (giant blue stars, quasars and black holes), the force of gravity is raised to unrealistic for us earthlings values.The particles then are so close to each other to form a phenomenon called "gravitational singularity."This is the very foundation of affecting the distortion of space and the degree of curvature.

gravity and behavior of matter in the region

singularity matter is not drawn.There is attracted only a cosmic wind and microscopic particles.But a man can theoretically voluntarily go to such areas.They are located in quasars and black holes, and, alas, for the living creatures are deadly from the standpoint of biology.Getting to a large tidal forces, the body will start to stretch both longitudinally and transversely.As a result, the outline will surround the sphere of human and will rotate it.Theoretically, if the eyes will see and still transmit a signal to the brain, people at a time will be able to contemplate all of their body parts, including the face, which will run in front of him, exceeding the speed of light.It is clear that in this way the human body can not exist, but this is related to the Earth Physics.However, this example gives us the ability to imagine what a singularity from a practical point of view.It would be interesting to suggest that we as a species will be able to take these new physical laws and exist in forms, creating new worlds for themselves.

passage of time

The fact that this time, we can argue forever.Today, it is defined as the process of passing the physiological, physical and mental processes in living organisms and matter of our world.But the properties of time, its latent possibilities have not been studied.We perceive it as something subjective, and it can be tracked carefully, recalling his last years.When we lived the first year of life, this piece for us was 100 percent.He was the only one that we have, all of life and experience.On the second birthday of one year it has already become 50 percent, in the third - only the third.By the age of 80 he was already one year only 1/80 part of life and nothing has really meant.It happened because during the first year that we saw was new.In the future, we have come across more and more familiar things and phenomena.Because it seemed that childhood lasts an incredibly long time, and his mature years fly instantly.This is a clear example of how one person distorts perceptions over time.What will happen, if we look at this term from an astronomical point of view?

time in early times

It was a small digression, which made it possible to understand all the things that we see.Being locked up in the framework of physics and, moreover, his own perception, we are hard to imagine that the world has been and can be quite different.Now, the singularity of the time had the same position in cosmology, as well as the singularity of space.Who is to overcome the length of 1 km at a speed of 5 km / h will require 0.2 hours.To fly from Earth to Saturn, you need to spend several years.But what about the time when all the distance that there is in the world, is 1 centimeter?Multiplying so insignificant parameters on an infinitely large density and mass, we get the curvature of space-time.This means that at a time when the universe was a singular, could occur all the things that we see now.Events may be mixed, incredibly distorted and compared.Simply put, any material object could look like in the past of the Earth or another planet and its future.

Technology and entry into a new era

There is the so-called theory of the singularity, under which our planet will soon become a big biotech intelligence.According to the researchers, by the middle of the 21st century will be a computer capabilities that exceed capabilities of the brain.Artificial Intelligence, of course, take precedence over the less developed creatures.At this point, there will come a technological singularity.The name was coined because you never know what a progressive leap in the field of science ends and will be able to survive humanity.


singularity of a black hole from which, in fact, is the space object - one of the biggest mysteries of the world.Wormhole itself really does not look like a hole with a funnel and a narrow tunnel, and as a sphere formed by a gigantic force of gravity.About black holes we have already said, identifying them as lethal objects in the universe.The strength of the compression is incredibly high, because at the event horizon is curved space and time stops.The singularity of a black hole is comparable to the Big Bang theory.Not thoroughly studied, but it is believed that the force of the compression inside the wormhole the same as at the time of the birth of the world.That's why there is an theory that black holes - this is the new evolution of the universe, which exist in parallel to our own.

application, explaining part of the theory

In general, the theory of point of no return and infinite density makes it clear game "Singularity."Passage of the mission due to the movement in time and space, where these two concepts are the same.Hero moves between 1950 and 2010, by correcting the mistakes of Soviet scientists and save today convicts, prisoners on the island, surrounded by radiation.If you immerse yourself in this world, then you can gradually understand what it means time in the spatial dimension.


study of all the mysteries of the cosmos, which relate to gravity, enables us to understand that the theory of relativity we have extremely limited.Of course, this is an incredible find for terrestrial conditions, but when it comes to the study of other spaces, it is necessary to reject all stereotypes.Such a thing as a "singularity", turns the perception of sound, light pulses, the curvature of space and time duration.But there is so far only in the mathematical theory, but in practice the physical finds no explanation.The most detailed current study singular black hole, but it is believed that this area though and compressed to infinity, it is not the point of the universe to collapse.