Unification - a unity speech, unity of language

Very often we come across a term whose meaning seems clear to us, however, to fully comprehend all of its essence complicated.So now we try to understand from a scientific point of view is what is unification.It is, first and foremost, a term which is more inherent in the technical sciences, but often it is applied in the field of philology, in its individual sections.

familiar with the term

in many aspects of life for the success necessary to resort to such a reception as uniformity and unity.This may include any language, production, operations and so forth.Unification - it is the very monotony, by which a "common denominator" held actions, words, paper and so on.In philology, the term is most often encountered in the design of official papers, documents and acts.However, unification can be found in the literature, some poems, and even in the scientific field.

Unification in production

more familiar with the concept of unification of all the people working with papers, legal acts and other important documents.In such cases, to bring to a common language, legal or scientific equivalent is to eliminate from it word-parasites, dialects and dialects.Thus, it becomes more prestigious, it acquires classical features - in short, it becomes valid.However, for the art of writing short stories, poems and other literary forms are also often used this technique only works in this case, it is a little different.Every author has the right to unify their voice in the works, based on a particular dialect, which would exclude some elements and based on the other.

Unity words in the history of literature

If you look closely, the unification - is what surrounds us everywhere, in all spheres of human activity.The same Russian language to be given in the technical literature, standards, regulations, but to other standards in the documentation.Unification of the speech can be seen in the works of great writers of the Golden Age and Silver.If the representatives of the first epoch wrote their masterpieces based on the old forms of words and expressions (they are for us now), the authors of the Silver Age was filled with his poetry more than acceptable to us the words and phrases.

essence of unification

Today unification - is an essential part of delovodstva, as well as other areas of activity where it requires a certain framework and standards.Due to the simplicity of presentation, any material perceived more quickly, therefore, the workflow runs more efficiently.It is also an exception to the speech word-parasites, dialects and colloquial elements set clear boundaries between the so-called social sphere of human communication, and an official where not going to friends and business partners.

each philologist perfectly familiar with this definition.Unification is a part of learning any language different sections.It should also be noted that it takes pride of place in the more widely spoken languages, such as English, Russian, Spanish.These three verbal system acceptable to most of the major countries of the world, and each of them speak in his own way.Consequently, doing business is most convenient to use a standardized form of speech.