How to fill in an application for a passport of the new sample .Correct filling of the application for a passport of the new sample

Questionnaire for passport is located just two A4 sheets, but fill it often quite difficult: the slightest mistake leads to failure to issue biometric document.The application form must be filled strictly on the model according to the data set out in the documents.Let us examine in detail the correct completion of the application for a passport of the new sample.

list of documents necessary to have a set of documents to complete the questionnaire:

  • Russian passport.
  • Old passport, if any.
  • marriage certificate or other documents confirming the replacement names.
  • workbook.
  • Military ID.
  • for children's passport need a passport (if the child is 14 years old) or a birth certificate.

Making the passport of the new sample, certainly need to clarify the following information:

  • Postcode.
  • addresses schools or institutions in which you worked, studied, may have served as the last ten years.

some nuances when filling

How to successfully pass the procedure of registration of foreign passports from the first time?For this you need to know some interesting nuances:

  • On 15 August 2013 a questionnaire completed for the passport of the new sample can not be assured.
  • statement be completed only on a computer, and only in capital letters.Each profile is subject to electronic processing in the FMS and scanned.If it is written by hand, the machinery will not be able to distinguish between the text.
  • to write a document on a computer will need to install the Russian version of Adobe Reader version 6.0 or higher.This is due to the fact that the statement is in a format pdf.For the convenience of immediately turn Caps Loc - you will be much easier to fill in the document.

How to print out the form on the printer

completed application for a passport of the new sample quite a serious process.It must be remembered that, bringing the finished form to the printer, you need to select "Duplex printing" the document to print on both sides.

fill in the questionnaire by hand

But if an application for a passport of the new sample, you still want to fill in by hand?First, use black ink.Second, write a clear, legible, without deletions and corrections of errors.Information must be credible only.All data are subject to a thorough check.For providing false information can be refused.

sure to find an example of filling the application for a passport of the new sample to the FMS.This will facilitate you to complete the task.The questionnaire can not sign!The signature is made only in the presence of the employee at the time the FMS market.It is important to remember that children and adults are filled with different profiles.

Guidelines for completing the application for a passport

So, get acquainted with the rules of filling in the questionnaire for adults.

  • 1st paragraph.In the first line you enter a last name, first name and patronymic.If the data never changes, then the second line and write - "not to change (A)."If it changes, then you specify all of their former names and surname.In addition, enter the date and place of the change of personal data.
  • 2nd paragraph.Then you tell your date of birth in the format "day, month and year."Example: "08/12/1973."
  • third point.Specify your full floor, "female" or "male".
  • 4th paragraph.Fits birthplace as written in the passport.
  • 5th paragraph.Place of residence or registration is written completely.Please indicate the index, then the address, followed by numbers of urban and mobile phones.All data are separated by commas.
  • 6th paragraph.You must include your citizenship.The Russians are entered - "RUSSIA".If you have any other citizenship, list them in the next line.Otherwise, write the word "NO".
  • 7th paragraph.Passport details must be exactly copied from the passport of the Russian Federation.
  • 8th paragraph.To specify the purpose of obtaining the passport write "for temporary travel abroad" or "FOR LIVING ABROAD ______" (indicate the country).
  • 9th paragraph.How to get a passport?There are several options: original receipt (the first time), in addition to the main (if the first passport is still valid), instead of consumed (if expired validity of the passport), instead of the spoiled (document came into disrepair), instead of a lost passport.
  • 10th point.This section should be completed in maximum detail.It is designed specifically for those who have ever been in a period of study, service or work has been admitted to the secret or particularly important state information.It is necessary to specify the institution and year of registration of admission.The remaining write "NO".In the same line you are explaining, if you have a contract or contractual obligations that prevent going abroad.You're either "NO" or specify the name of the company and the contract date.To hide this information in any case it is impossible!
  • 11th point.It is filled with men of military age from 18 to 27 years.If a man was drafted into the army, he wrote "call."If it was sent to another civil service indicates "SENT".Otherwise write "NO."
  • 12th point.It gives information about the indictment or conviction data.The limitation period for the offense is not important.What if you subscribed on his own recognizance?Or you are under investigation?In this case, it is useless to try to get a passport.You are just wasting your time, because crossing the border, in this case is impossible.If you are friends with the law, feel free to write "NO".If you have a previous conviction, check their presence in the database.In some cases, you will need a certificate of redemption.
  • 13th point.Perhaps the court appointed you to cash payments, but you shy away from them?There must either write "NO" or honestly refuse to receive the passport.If you find tax debt, loan, child support and other questions, the passport will not give you one.
  • 14th point.Because of the work book in order overwritten data for the last ten years.Study also indicated, stay in prison, periods of unemployment (more than a month), the passage of military service.Each paragraph is written the date of commencement and completion of the term of your stay in a particular place.In each case, indicate the name of the departments, enterprises, military units, their address.Separated by commas specify their duties.The row marked "temporarily unavailable (A)" is written the address of your residence for the period of unemployment.
  • 15th point.Here you can see a series, number, date of the previous passport and the name of the issuing authority.

completed application for a passport for persons under 18 years

you decide to get a passport for the child of a new sample?About filled similar to the previous rules, only the seventh paragraph communicate information from the birth certificate, because the child still does not have a passport.There will also be missing sections on military service, employment and security clearance.On the back of the questionnaire must be reported a summary of the legal representative of the child, as well as in the application for an adult.

How to avoid the time-consuming process?

So, an example of filling the application for a passport of the new sample we studied in detail.Agree, the correct answer to this questionnaire - enough time-consuming process.And even if the text is typed on the computer, you are not immune to re-visit the FMS.By the way, we strongly recommend that you keep a duplicate profiles just in case.There are a number of nuances, of which many are not even aware.Experience shows that one can not "give" the first time.

many hours waiting in queues can be avoided: it is only necessary to apply to a special group.Experts will give you an example of filling the application for a passport or a new sample themselves (for a small fee) for you to fill the questionnaire.Correctly and competently its registration will be guaranteed.

what age a child can get a passport?

Russian legislation stipulates that every citizen of Russia, having kids, you can make a passport for the child from the moment of his birth.That is, since the birth of the child can have a personal passport, and no different from an adult.

passport is issued for the baby of residence of the parent or legal representative.A sample application for a new passport of your offspring is available there as well.Residence permit a child does not affect the layout of the document.

Who can issue a passport to the child?

Children have the right to issue a passport or the parents or legal representatives.Another person, even by proxy can not deal with this issue.Kids from birth have the same rights as adults.They can get a passport as the old sample and the biometric.Of course, the choice depends on the parents.

Think carefully over what the document to register their child: foreign new passport is issued for ten years, and the old - just five.In addition, the biometric passport is equipped with a microchip.In the old model is no innovation.You will need an example of filling the application for a passport of the new sample, which can be found in the FMS.

biometric passports is a huge number of positive aspects, but to draw his young children is not recommended.Outside the kids changing very quickly, and ten years - it is too long, so a high probability of emergency replacement document, and it is extra money and time waiting.