How to make a nice guy?

During nucleation relationship partners present each other with gifts, surprises and make lovely surprise in every way.But with the development of relations and their transition to the status of "stability" all these pleasant moments gradually "come to naught."Ordinary, gray days and the rest of unpleasant factors affect what people cease to surprise each other and to make surprises.Many complain that there is no money, but, of course, they cowardice, for and with the presence of a minimum amount of money you can make a gorgeous surprise.To do this, of course, you need to have imagination and desire.

Yet some very romantic person thinking about how to make a guy nice.Ways for many, the main thing to listen to your partner, to know his desires and dreams, see how he is committed to something or want to accomplish something.

If your guy has long wanted to see the sunrise in the mountains (yes, there are!), Please take care of the organization of the trip to the mountains.Let even the next.Pleasant surprise guy can arrange to book a trip on ATVs, motorcycles, karts.And you can just buy tickets at the Dolphinarium, well, who does not like these mammals?Or maybe he loves pizza?Learn how to do it by Italian recipe, cook meals, arrange a candlelit dinner.

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Wondering how to make a nice guy, you can buy a pair of tickets to the movies, where there is a new film with his favorite actor or concert of his favorite band.Only your surprise have to be a mystery for him, because when the effect of surprise will be present, will be completely better!

Can you remember how your favorite lamented the fact that you need to be like the gym, but there is time and money - in other words muttered under his breath something about the unfortunate life of an athlete.Rather, he said it's not just, perhaps with a view to you it somehow stimulated.So and buy him a subscription to a fitness club, swimming pool, can enroll with it, so it will be quieter.

Wondering how to make a nice guy, you can offer him a massage course.Each night will be different massage - honey, coffee, aromatic oils, and finally even erotic.Just imagine how he would rush home from work!Massage options can be found in the Internet, or ask the experts know.

you often angry at a loved one, that he devotes a lot of time playing computer games?If you are thinking how to make a nice guy, buy him a new game.Just imagine how he will appreciate knowing that you do not particularly like when he plays at the expense of communication with you.But agree that everything should be in moderation!

If you want to surprise Man and ponder how to make nice guy, you can change yourself!Freshen up the hair color, make permanent makeup eyebrows, growing at the time of the cilia, walk in solarium.Which guy would not be pleasant to be around such a beauty?And you are well!

your favorite something interested?A good reason, how to make a nice guy, is to give something from the area of ​​his interests.Hunting, fishing, football, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, yoga ...

If you are well versed in its preferences in clothing, then you can safely give something of fashionable things.Certainly, the guy will appreciate.You can also order a mug, mouse pad, towel, T-shirt and wrote a nice guy wishes.

But in the pursuit of how to make a nice guy, do not get too carried away as well.Because quickly get used to good and then simply cease to appreciate.Good - in a bit.

spend more time together, know each other, chtroyte plans for the future, aspire to new heights, and do little surprises with each's so easy and so necessary to feel closer and dearer, and strengthen relationships.