How to decorate a table for a child's birthday?

Perhaps in the world there is a child who has not loved a good party.After all, without them, life would be very boring, dull and monotonous.Of course, everyone wants to make a memorable fun, wonderful.This is especially true of children's birthday celebration.To achieve this, there are a lot of original and proven methods.And not the last of the terms of a successful holiday is a bright colorful decoration of the room, creating an atmosphere of joy and good mood.Also important is the decoration of the table.So, how to decorate the table for the birthday child?

Choice tablecloths and napkins on festive table

If adult birthday tablecloth on the table selected luxurious, richly decorated with lots of ruffles and frills, the children's version of this is not quite appropriate.After frills kids want to tear, and the very cloth pour juice or compote.On the day of birth of the child is best to lay a festive table cloth, or even simpler colorful oilcloth with the image heroes of favorite fairy tales.Then using what and how to decorate a table for birthday child?An important element of the decoration of the table can serve as a tissue and paper napkins.First, it is desirable to put kiddies on his knees to dress the kids as long as possible clean.But the paper towels with fabulous bright picture decorated table.Before the plates younger guests can put a card with the names of the heroes of cartoons and children.It would be very nice if they attach to otkrytochku colored balls that are so fond of children.

Dishes for the festive dinner

When thinking about how to decorate the table for the birthday child, do not forget about such an important element as cookware.Will look good dish with special children's drawings.If the birthday theme, then the dishes should reflect the theme of the holiday.For better use of multi-colored glasses, plastic cups, which are not be broken accidentally during the feast.It is desirable that they were high enough to juice you could drink through a straw that kids love so much.Of course, ideally, all the dishes - like plates and glasses, forks and spoons, - must be from the same set.

Beautiful design of children's meals

How to decorate a table for the birthday child with the help of the food?You can make sandwiches with unusual figures of animals or cartoon characters of bread, sausages, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes and so on. N. It is easier to solve the problem with a sweet.It can be shaped cookies rabbits, squirrels, or fairy tale characters.At the center of the table will look beautiful, and most importantly, attract the views of all children, bank, glass, filled with candy.Naturally, the exhibit can touch and even eat its contents.Cakes are now available with various congratulatory messages, decorations in the form of a child's favorite cartoon characters and even in the form of cars, dolls and so on. N.

most important point that must be remembered when preparing and holding children's events - attention to its participants.If you make every effort, imagination and fantasy to the design festival, the best reward for you will be the admiration, sonorous lilt of laughter younger guests.And can there be a more desirable reward ?!