Internal Troops of Russia.

Interior Ministry troops of the Russian Federation is a special military unit that provides interior and public security of the State shall protect the rights and freedom of citizens from illegal and other criminal attacks.In other words, it is an integral part of the defensive chain of the country.Internal troops - is a structural subdivision of the Russian Interior Ministry.This will be discussed more in this article.

Description Currently the internal troops of the Russian Federation considered powerful militias.Present these units are fully operational motorized (motorized rifle) parts of an available-armored vehicles.Internal troops have their own personal aviation, artillery, engineering and marine parts.In general, these units have excellent operational.Russian Interior Ministry troops do not stop in its development and improvement, regularly set in the numbers of experienced employees of these Forces and special services (FSB, the SVR and the GRU).It is possible to create a private management of exploration, part of the internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry.The service of special training not inferior to foreign analogues.Personal intelligence units created since 1990.

Interior Troops of Russia:

This structure formation in the structure include:

  • Controls.Command of the Internal Troops.
  • special motorized units.
  • Operational paramilitary troops of the Interior.
  • Marine departments.
  • paramilitary units and guarding important state facilities and special cargoes.
  • Division of military aviation.
  • military schools of professional higher education.
  • intelligence units.
  • Paramilitary of the special purpose.
  • medical, scientific institutions and military structures to ensure the activities carried out internal troops.


main objectives of the said superstructure multifaceted.Their definition is signified by the law of the Russian Federation "On Internal Troops»:

  • Protection of important objects of the state and special cargo.
  • Joint event with various other bodies of internal affairs for the implementation of the protection of social order, as well as the maintenance of the state of emergency and public safety.
  • Taking part in the defense of the state.
  • Promotion border units, under the authority of the Federal Security Service to implement the protection of the borders of Russia.
  • Suppression of terrorism and providing counter-terrorism operation.

Internal forces are composed in the Interior Ministry.They maintain constitutional order and public order in the country.However, in the case of the attempt on the state sovereignty of the Russian Federation outside the internal forces involved in repelling the aggression of the army and border guards as part of the Armed Forces.Said power structure is subject to the Supreme Commander aircraft.

Manage formation

Interior Troops led by the President of Russia.He claims the structure, composition, size, decide on the place of their dislocation and moving parts of the joint participation of the said form with the ATS to ensure that the state of emergency.He also claims the position of Commander of the structure and, if necessary, release him from his post.Directly supervises the formation of such a Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation.He is fully responsible for the legality of a person in the activities of the said form.Also, his responsibilities include approval of regulations on organizational performance, and more.Said Chief of the security forces and the immediate superior of all relevant departments is the deputy.Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia.It manages the data of the formation and personally responsible for its mobilization and combat readiness, the positive performance of assigned to it various problems.

Structural division of the Ministry of Interior of Russia is the General Command of the said form.Military units and formations are part of the county.They are operational and territorial unification.In turn, they led a team of district formation.Manage special military units and motorized formations above the superstructure, and is a senior operational commanders are Deputy Interior Minister and the heads of the relevant departments of the main subjects of the Russian Federation, which carried out the deployment of these units and formations.They are authorized to use the data units of said formation to the implementation of the protection of the social order, along with various other bodies of the Interior Ministry, engaged in the liquidation of the riots.However, units and formations of the structure is prohibited prevent unauthorized rallies and demonstrations peaceful nature.

guidance and supervision

This task is assigned to the prosecutor's office.It also monitors compliance with the law in good faith of those offices.It controls all kinds of legitimate activities of these bodies: operational-investigative, administrative and criminal procedure.The prosecutor's office also monitors the implementation of laws of internal troops, the lawfulness of detention and detainees in the detention center and reception centers.This supervision is carried out in accordance with current legislation.The legality of activities carried out by a team of internal troops and other units ATS, controlled by different bodies.Basically, it is a departmental review.He carried out the control and methodical offices of the Interior, standing above.

also formed a unit called the security service's own performing detection among employees of the Ministry of Interior officials who commit malfeasance.Activities of law enforcement and public security subject to local authorities.The President carries out the state control over the work being done by the Ministry of the Interior Troops of Russia.Also in this supervision takes part and the Government of the Russian Federation.Courts control is carried out during consideration of their clerical work - the criminal and the administrative offenses that come from units of this structure, the complaints on the legality of arrest and detention, the lawfulness of decisions made these units, which limit civil rights.

higher educational institutions of the superstructure

  • Novosibirsk Institute of Internal paramilitary troops.
  • Perm Institute of Internal paramilitary troops.
  • St. Petersburg Institute of the internal troops.
  • Saratov specialized agency.
  • also has the presence of the faculty of internal forces in paramilitary University of the Russian Defense Ministry.

consider the above-mentioned educational institutions in more detail.

St. Petersburg Institute paramilitary Interior Forces

Said specialized educational institution is a federal state military educational institution of higher professional education.The Institute carried out training for their appointment to the post of tactical-level officer in the Russian power structure specified by assigning rank "lieutenant".Graduates are awarded a diploma on obtaining professional higher education in the specialty "Jurisprudence" with the qualification of a lawyer.Training term is five years.

This militarized Institute Russian Interior Ministry has the following advantages:

  • state absolute security;
  • diploma of the state standard;
  • good scholarship money;
  • the presence of a free ride to the resort in both directions;
  • employment at the end of the educational process;
  • training and driving licenses in accordance with the requirements of international standard "B" category, and the passage of training in the management of military equipment.

This Military Institute has a presence in 110 classrooms.Of them in the place of permanent deployment, there are 88, and in the middle school "Moloskovitsy" - 17, and 4 more in the establishment of the educational process NWD MIA of Russia, which is used for the benefit of professional training for the specified power structure.

The institute is available 14 departments:

  • tactics On internal troops.
  • Department for fire training.
  • on tactics of general importance.
  • Department ABC and T.
  • physical training and sports.
  • Department ISDB explosives.
  • In the study of social sciences and humanities.
  • Department of military pedagogy and psychology.
  • for the Study of the History and Theory of State and Law.
  • Department of civil and criminal law.
  • for the Study of administrative and constitutional law.
  • Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics.
  • on the study of natural and mathematical disciplines.
  • Department of Foreign Languages.

At the Institute enroll citizens of the Russian Federation (boys) who have a presence diploma educational institution (full) general or secondary vocational training, and is a fit state of health to study, passed a special selection and positively passed the entrance exams.The right to have a supply of the following persons:

  • did not serve in the army of the Russian Federation aged 16 to 22 years.
  • past the specified service and being on call for her.Age - 24 years.
  • Passing contract military service, but only after half of the period, which is indicated in the first contract.Age limit - 24 years.

Perm Institute paramilitary Interior Forces

This institution provides training future officers.They will receive at the end of professional higher education with the right to serve in the armed forces referred to the Interior Ministry.

At the institution has the following organizational and staff structure:

  • command of the institute;
  • management;
  • 4 faculties, which include the 12 departments;
  • courses to improve officers;
  • 10 support units;
  • seven departments direct subordination;
  • 1st Battalion, providing educational process.

officer training with professional higher education for the formation of this exercise four faculties:

  • logistics, producing professionals' multi-tracked and wheeled vehicles. "
  • Department, which produces specialists in testing and operation of artillery weapons.
  • prepares professionals in computer software for various purposes.
  • Dog producing biologists.The Institute takes men with citizenship of the Russian Federation voluntarily wishing to be trained.They should have secondary (complete) general or vocational education.They must also undergo a kind of check in the organs of the FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry, to be fit for health, psychologically stable and physically prepared to learn.The selection is carried out from among:
    - Citizens have not served in the military.They should be in the age of 16-22 years.
    - Citizens, already past the specified service or who are on it at the call (under 24 years).
    - citizens who are currently on contract military service, but only if the end of the half period that is specified in the contract.Their age is also limited to 24 years.

In this institute are trained for five years.The person, who graduated from this institution, received the title of "lieutenant".

Candidates for admission to this militarized Institute are:

1. Determination of the degree of preparedness for entering the said institution Health (Military Medical Commission).

2. Admission tests, which determined the level of professional competence (psychological evaluation) and assessment of the level of educational attainment:

  • Department of technical support.According to the Russian language and literature (the writing of presentation);in mathematics and physics (in writing).
  • Faculty of artillery weapons.According to literature and Russian language (presentation);in mathematics and physics (in writing).
  • Faculty dog ​​handlers.According to literature and Russian language (exposition), on chemistry and biology (in writing).
  • Department of automated control systems.According to the Russian language and literature (presentation);in mathematics and physics (in writing).

3. Evaluation of physical fitness (exercise tightening on horizontal bar, running for 100 and 3000 meters).

paramilitary Novosibirsk Institute of Internal Troops them.General IK Yakovleva Interior Ministry

This public institution is also important.Novosibirsk paramilitary Institute trains future officers for service in the internal troops of the Interior Ministry.On-site training is carried out with citizens of the Russian Federation with an average (full) general or vocational education.Just as in previous schools, a set of wires from among the following categories of citizens:

  • not served in the ranks of the Armed Forces (aged 16 to 22 years).
  • already past the specified service or are on it on appeal.
  • passing at the moment the contract military service, but under the condition that already passed half of the term specified in the contract.In this and the previous case, the age of applicants is limited to 24 years.

persons who have graduated from a specified institution assigned to the special military rank of "Lieutenant" and issued a state diploma.In the third year of study the students who successfully pass the exam, get a driver's license with the category "B".This important fact.Cadets are placed in special hostels.They also are on full state maintenance throughout the training.The students offer summer vacation (holiday), duration 30 days and winter - 15. For the second year with the students sign a contract, after which they are given allowance of 10 000 rubles.

The institute prepares specialists following specialties:

  • «Legal maintenance of national security."Graduates of military service on the original platoon commander or his deputy units operational purpose, special motorized and guarding important state facilities and special cargoes units, followed by promotion to higher position.This is a powerful argument.They may also hold the position of deputy company commander for the work with the existing staff.
  • «Translation".Graduates of this specialty will be served on the original platoon commander for special purposes (exploration).

Saratov Institute of Interior Forces

This institution also plays an important role in this structure.Saratov Institute of Internal Troops of the Russian Federation is one of the oldest military training units of internal troops that specialize in training officers to work with the structure indicated on the qualification: "Jurisprudence".This is an important area of ​​study.He graduated from the institute said the diploma with the qualification "lawyer" and the main assignment officer's rank "lieutenant".