Declaration of marriage - the first step to a new life

Even a child knows that without a family man can not be truly happy.My home is my castle.So say the pundits, and they were absolutely right.

main stages of the path

family - a major step in the life of any person.This question can not be solved in a hurry.It should all seriously consider and take the right decision.Perhaps that is why the government always gives the newlyweds a special time for reflection before admitting their family.In our country, the relationship between the woman and the man are lawful only if they are registered.

Among the first decrees issued by the government after the October Revolution, was the law "On civil marriage."It was he who formed the basis of modern registration procedures.It consists of several stages:

  1. citizens wishing to legalize their relationship, must make a statement of his own marriage.
  2. Based on this document, which is signed by both parties, the authorized person makes the official registration and records in the act of civil status.You must first pay the state fee in the amount of two hundred rubles in receipts issued by the registry office.

It seems to be easy.But it seems at first glance.Each stage has its own characteristics.Take, for example, the application for marriage.To make it, young people must have a hand in the following documents:

  • passport or other proof of identity;
  • if someone from the citizens previously married, you must hold a confirmation of the cancellation of the previous "union";
  • if a marriage is going to enter a person under the age of 18, then on his hands must have permission (consent) of parents or guardians;
  • receipt of payment of state duty.

Statement marriage both parties must sign.However, there are times when one of them is unable to appear in person to the registrar.In this case, the application may be submitted separately, and the signature of the missing persons have to be notarized.Applying in our country usually involves bursts.Therefore, some offices provide service to the registrar through which citizens can make a request in electronic form and pre-book a convenient time visit.After that, they will have to come at the appointed time with the required documents, provide printed "Notice" on the scheduled date and place of marriage application queue.

Information for filling in

statement - an official document.His form №7 approved by a special resolution of the Government of Russia.Sample applications for marriage can be taken by a specialist during the registration procedure.In the process of filling the citizens must provide their full personal details and details and to confirm the voluntary and mutual desire to enter into a legal marriage.

Here, both future spouses are required to be defined in advance, which later will carry the name of each of them in marriage.Here everyone has a right of choice.The husband may go to his wife's surname, or vice versa.Alternatively, the couple may keep their maiden names.The law does not prohibit.The top "cap" on the acceptance of the application and date of registration is to fill in the registry office worker.Necessarily it is necessary to familiarize with the second page of the application, which is made from an extract of the Family Code of Russia.It lists the main items that should be aware of the citizens who have decided to start a family.

special cases and unusual situations

Filling application for marriage must be made personally.This is a prerequisite.The stands in the corridors, as a rule, there are examples of registration forms.In an extreme case, people in the queue are always prompt the correct option.The procedure takes very little time in the presence of all necessary papers.

But there are situations where a passport and a receipt is not enough.If the future husband - a citizen of another country, the document list will be completely different.A complete list can be taken from the registrar.Do not be amiss to recall that all supporting documents must comply with the requirements.For example, the application will not be accepted if a passport at least one of the future spouses has expired.It happens that the specialist does not pay attention to it.But then such a marriage may well be declared invalid.But if the applicants have done everything correctly, then after 1 month they can safely invite guests to a pre-planned celebration.