Offer for the supply of goods, or how to successfully make sales

objective of any business is mainly to sell a product or service you have purchased or created.It is very difficult to do at times.Important in class called "Business" - to create a quotation for the supply of goods.It is due to the description of this offer we donesёm to resellers or end-user information about the benefits of products (goods).

What you need to specify in the offer?

brief quotation for the supply of products can be divided into several parts:

  1. Opening.
  2. part of the description of products (goods).
  3. Contacts.

introductory part

In this part it is important to talk about their company, mission.Welcomes the information about the history of the organization, about how much she works in the market and what the customers.

part of the description of products

This is the main part.Here, as far as possible signs quotation for the product.It is necessary to specify the top-selling products, services, as detailed as possible for them to tell.Welcomed a qualitative description of the characteristics, scope, price, delivery conditions and other parameters.The point - to interest a potential buyer.


This part includes important information such as contact information by which you can contact the potential buyer.It is necessary to place those contacts, which it would be convenient to communicate to customers: phone number, web address, e.

Consider the example of a commercial offer for the supply of bread enterprise "Sun»

«The company" Sun "- one of the leaders of baking bread in our region.We - a company with decades of experience in the market.The purpose of our company - to provide every home is fresh and high-quality bread at affordable prices.Having significant production facilities and highly qualified operating personnel, we create high quality products.We offer you a quotation for the supply of goods - bakery products.

We sell:

  1. black bread.Round shape, the weight of a loaf - 1 kg.Exercise price - $ 1.Products made from rye flour of the first grade with all the necessary guests.
  2. White bread.Made from the best varieties of wheat flour, and other quality components.The weight of a loaf of 1 kg, the selling price - US $ 1.2.


Solar City, Solar Street, Building 32, the company "Sun".

Phone 30000000000 site

Regards, Sales »

As you can see, a quotation for the supply of goods made out of three pieces that reveal its essence: to deliver information to the consumer or to the next trading chainsfor resale or consumption goods.

In the example given information only in order to show the principle of commercial offers.In practice, it looks much brighter with colorful descriptions and using graphics.The main thing - to attract the customer for further cooperation.

Remember quotation for goods - the engine of your sales!