Payment system "PRO100": reviews.

While many skeptics argue the impossibility of quickly creating his Russian payment system, it earned just 3 years after the start of the project.The project was completed in the shortest possible time thanks to the efforts of thousands of people involved in it.And now the Russian Federation can not depend on the systems, "Visa" and "MasterCard".Payment system "PRO100" has already released more than a million cards.Moreover, existing Savings Bank card can also work in the system.Why

system "PRO100"?

dependence of Russian banks from the Visa and MasterCard was awarded by the Central Bank as early as 2013, when the problem with them is not there.Domestic economists have expressed concern that the management of these cards, which have been in the country for more than 90% of the total, is run by foreign financial institutions.Since work on the national payment system (NPS) have been paying much more attention than before.Although PS UEC (payment system "Universal Electronic Card") "PRO100" was registered as a Russian operator back in 2012.Currently, these cards that operate in the technology M / Chip (easily compatible with the generally accepted standards "MasterCard" in finalizing the banking institutions of their software), you can pay at most retail outlets in Russia and domestic banks.

"Just" and NPCs

believed that the payment system "PRO100" will eventually present the national payment system.However, in April 2014 the Central Bank made a statement about the impossibility of this.So far, no Russian payment system "PRO100", nor any more domestic PS can not become national in a fairly simple reason.All of them used to the program, the license for which belongs to MasterCard.Although the production of chips for cards is done in Russia, applications are made abroad.This was done for the convenience of combining the old with the new standards.Indeed, the transition from Visa and MasterCard to "PRO100" went fairly easy, but to do it from the NPS has not yet happened.

Map Features "PRO100"

in human performance in the presence of which is a map of "PRO100" (Savings Bank), includes:

  • Cash withdrawals in more than 100,000 ATMs throughout Russia.
  • replenishment of bank accounts and payment of various services (including municipal and state, such as the issuance of a passport or get help) in about 20 thousand terminals.
  • Instant payment for goods and services in the most popular Russian network of stores, including MediaMarkt, «Euroset", "The Messenger" and "Megaphone".The card "PRO100" (Sberbank) gives an opportunity to pay the purchase of more than 500 thousands of organizations all over Russia.
  • Getting on her salary and benefits or allowances.
  • Top up telephone and internet service provider.
  • Cashless payment fare in public transport.
  • remittance other cards (in this system, or other).
  • Control attending school child and his performance.

Payment services using the payment system can be carried out via the Internet (for example, on the site of the Savings Bank, provides maximum range of features, including "Avtoplatёzh" and "Sberbank Online). In addition, a map, at the request of the owner, can beis provided with an electronic signature allowing to expand the list performed with the help of her actions. But in the online store, in domestic or foreign, the system will not allow to carry out the payment. Moreover, with its help you can not pay for the purchase and or service abroad. Also, do not bework card terminals and ATMs for those financial institutions that are not connected to the system "PRO100".

Types cards

The system "PRO100" (Savings Bank), there are several types of payment cards: Debit (rated), salary (one of the varieties which may be corporate), credit and pension (social). They are all serviced by Sberbank of the Russian Federation and several other Russian banking structures.In order to take the card, the bank should be among the organizations participating in the "PRO100".

Credit Cards "PRO100" not issued by all banks - participants of the system, so to guarantee their preparation is necessary to address to the Savings Bank or to clarify the possibility and conditions of release of other banks on the websites of these organizations.

How to get the card?

For the standard should be a universal card:

  • contact the Savings Bank;
  • submit all the necessary documents (including passport, a certificate of insurance and the policy SNILS OMC);
  • fill out an application for a card and put a personal signature;
  • get the card on the same day.

Map "PRO100" (Savings Bank) may be issued by banks and other parties, the timing of the issuance of which may vary.Pay for it is not necessary, but the period of 5 years.

Banking system

For today payment system "PRO100" Sberbank includes (besides the main bank of the country), 19 more participants.And due to the fact that they own more than 2/3 of the total number are located on the territory of the Russian Federation ATMs convenient enough to use the system.

The system involved: Bank of Moscow, AB "Russia", "Center-Invest", Moscow Industrial Bank, Municipal Bank Khakassia, Surgutneftegazbank, AKB "Almazergienbank" AVB Bank, Khanty-Mansiysk, "Northern Credit"and several others.All of them do not charge a fee for receiving money through their ATMs.When withdrawing money from the card "PRO100" with the terminal bank is not in the system, the Commission may be taken at a rate determined by the organization that issued the card.

"PRO100" in Crimea

Recently payment system "PRO100" works in the Crimea and Sevastopol.Issue of the project in the region began in May 2014.But by 2015 the total number of cards exceeded half a million.The system is so far the only, and the only option for the peninsula as a result of US sanctions MasterCard and Visa are not valid.Withdraw money from the card "PRO100" in Crimea can be using more than 350 ATMs and 240 bank branches and reprogrammed to operate a system of terminals, the number of which exceeds 1500.

feedback, "PRO100"

After the payment system was introduced "PRO100 "on the part of the Russian population have questions about the possibility of using it abroad.Also of interest to users and other issues associated with these cards.

At present the only currency that is used by the SS (in which case, you can keep the money in the account "PRO100"), it is the ruble.This means that they can not be any pay abroad, nor conduct any foreign exchange transaction.However, experts do not consider this map feature great disadvantage.According to them, if desired, any Russian citizen, traveling abroad can withdraw money from the account and change them here at a favorable rate.Whereas, to leave the country would have to transfer rubles into other currencies using less attractive offers of foreign banks and exchange offices.

Still, the need to use other currencies and speak to speak about "PRO100" user reviews.According to them, the system is not compatible with the world's major (and not only Russian) banking institutions, does not deserve attention.

yet to implement plans that would satisfy users have neither the technical capacity nor infrastructure, nor specialists capable of programming and debugging equipment "PRO100".And to introduce the system to be first in Russia, providing software, staff and processing centers.This may take more than one year, and after not necessarily domestic technology will be compatible with foreign ones.Perhaps for this reason some people are guided by reviews of other customers or their experience, will continue to use the system "MasterCard" and "Visa" that so definitively and not gone out of the Russian Federation.