The hero of the day, or what is the name of Cyril?

Today we tell you what is the name of Cyril.First of all, this diminutive form of the name of another - Cyrus.Translated from the Greek language, it sounds like the "lord", "lord".This is one of the versions of his origin.According to another version, Cyril - is a derivative form of the Greek word for "sun".Whatever it was, but the significance of this name has already been defined and dictates the rules of its owners!About this talk.

Mystery named Cyril


Nature gave Cyril calm and balanced character.In addition, the boy from his childhood growing happy and cheerful!However, it is some life troubles take their turn as Kirill begins visibly nervous, tension it grows with every minute.The result of this - instantly flashed irritability.Nevertheless, the leading trait embedded in the name is ambition!

What is the name of Kirill for the child?

From childhood Cyrus growing very curious child.His parents need to be patient in order to meet the boy to his eternal "why", "what", "where" and "how."Cyrus is worth learning to read, as it carried away doing this a long time.Kirill will read a lot, sometimes not even knowing what is written.He remembers a lot and quickly thanks to its memory.Boy from early childhood become trained in good manners and rules of behavior in society.In short, it's just a wonderful and well-mannered child.

What is the name of Cyril of school age?

Cyrus - a disciple of God!All the teachers are satisfied with them, he copes well with the training load.However, not everything is so sweet boy is in a slightly strained relationship with his classmates.And all because Cyrus is basic to the bone, he never, for the world will not write off his neighbor's party or a dictation test.In addition, the boy will never come to the aid of a classmate who threatened "deuce" for the unlearned lesson!

What is the name of Kirill at an older age?

guy likes to be hero of the day.His finger in your mouth not baggage, and let off in front of someone.He is always in some kind of dreamy euphoria in anticipation of praise from the people around them.Kirill aspires always and everywhere be the first.He is ambitious and despises liars, schemers and outright villains.

the future of this guy grow a good climber, causing resentment among his colleagues and co-workers.To all, without exception, Kirill is a marked increase in self-esteem.He does not know what an inferiority complex.In addition, Man is impossible to argue with anything.As Cyril - is well-read young man, the store of knowledge and his satisfaction!Sometimes it really is better not to argue!He can be a long conversation on various topics - he is a master talk about life.And yet, despite his self-esteem and a pronounced egoism, this young man is very calm and balanced person.That is what is the name of Cyril, my friends!