Name Inna meaning and mystery

Inna - woman's name, which took place in several languages: Greek, Latin, German.In our language means "torrent" or "rapid".Originally, the name was given only to men, but after a while it became and female.

name Inna: implications for child

a child Inna - capricious and stubborn, because of which suffers not only herself but also her family.The girl needed a lot of attention from others.Over the years, it becomes self-reliant and more relaxed, although a decision to change it is still impossible.

name Inna: implications for adult women

Character Ina is still difficult.Because of this, she has few close friends, but a lot of friends.It categorically does not want to put up with even minor deficiencies of others.For causing offense to avenge the girl will not be, but remember it forever.This strong personality always has an opinion, and never will be subject to another person.In her character has a penchant for self-criticism and improve their internal qualities.She needs a warm praise and r


name Inna: implications for employment

this nature very independent and does not like her team.Therefore, prefer to choose a sphere of activity in which a large extent on their own decisions will determine the success.Ina can be a good business woman, a hairdresser, an engineer, director of the shopping center, a photo-reporter, journalist or poet.

Inna.What's in a name for the family?

As she strives for excellence, the discovery of new talents, it will direct all efforts for their development.In this case, the marriage, the family and the establishment of financial well-being will be less important to her in life.If she is married, her complex character takes a lot of anxiety spouse.

Inna - this is a very jealous man.Therefore, it can be happy only with honest, faithful men who will be true.Woman badly needs his boundless praise and assistance in all domestic affairs, which she enjoys.This alignment is unlikely to suit in-law, if the spouses do not live separately.Nevertheless Ina interested in cooking, and cook new dishes for her joy.

Inna usually tends to ensure that in the morning to sleep late, but because it is - a hard-working man, eventually trying to get rid of this habit.The girl with all my heart loves his children and devotes a lot of time to develop their abilities.

name Inna.The value of astrology

Planet guarding the owner of this warlike name - the sun.

  1. colors mascots - green and orange.
  2. plant Charm - iris and forget-me.
  3. Animal Guardian - seal, a dove, a doe.
  4. auspicious day - Friday.

Inna can create a strong family with a man named Alexey, Alexander, Peter, Stephen, Svyatoslav, Valentin, Ian.Marriage will adversely Dmitry, Valery, Roman.

These features are present in the name of a person to a greater or lesser extent.This will depend on the environment in which he grew up and lived life.