What do the signs.

Many nations have signs.Lit ear means you are discussing, as they say in Russia.Learn exactly how you "wash the bones," you can by what authority responds: left or right.Let's order.

Folk omens: the left ear burns

So it happens that the company is going zloyazykih loafers and starts all the friends (and strangers) to discuss.If you lit up the left ear, then you fall into the languages ​​of the time fast livers.They have nothing to do, and it was at this time they are engaged in a discussion of your qualities and actions.We can say that they do it not by love for you.Everything you do (did), is presented in a negative light.Even outright lie to these people is not a problem.So say the signs: burning the left ear - you "sling mud", which has no relation to real events.Maybe you just feel it.Still, not all possibilities of man known to science.

Folk omens: the right ear burns

In contrast, the left side, right side glows when you talk about the truth.You may become the subject of colleagues or

superiors.Maybe relatives share their impressions about your "exploits".There is a possibility that you are bored.On the results of gossip sign says nothing.Definitely only that people are discussing the truthful information that is directly relevant to you.Many nations similar signs: burning the right ear - this means that you have caused others are talking.Why is it that the brain in the head increases the blood flow is unknown.Rather, here again are the unknown laws of energy information exchange, which we feel.

burn both ears

The sign says that you recall rapidly.If you add up the previous explanation, it turns out that you have a dispute between them your loyal friends and foes.Some desperately trying to "cover your shame," others - to protect.Your box all "catches" as energy-information is transmitted instantly.What event happens, you naturally can not know.However, your Higher "I" already knows that you have been the object of the dispute.It tries to warn such a straightforward way.

Explanations scientists

Australia has tried to find out, from which the ears are burning.Scientists have come to the following conclusions.When the brain starts to work intensively, he can feel the lack of oxygen.Then he tells the bloodstream more rapidly rushes to your head.And since the blood flow is not only the brain, but also in the inner ear, it turns out that the ears and more abundantly supplied.We feel it as a "flaming ears."But the fact that the ear can burn even when a person is not engaged in an intense brain activity.That is, he does not feel his activity.Maybe she provoked that part of his personality, which refers to the unconscious.That is, the brain may feel that the person was the subject of gossip, he begins to work intensively, as a result of his ears burning.This is just a guess.But no explanation is clear that he will give us the information, which can be used efficiently for yourself!