Katerina: meaning of the name and destiny

Katerina, the value of whose name - "pure, undefiled" (in Greek), from early childhood may show a lot of outstanding talent.She has a great memory and a sociable character.Katie - girls are very active and mobile.Learn them quite good.At school, these girls are usually the first to make friends with pupils in the class, because they themselves quite indecisive, and so looking for support on the side.

In adolescence, Katerina, the value of whose name completely eliminates aggression, never in conflict with parents as do her friends.With a mother from her relationship just fine.Depending on the nature of education in the future Katie can manifest in two ways.At sufficiently rigid attitude on the part of parents of the girl with the same name can grow quite closed and indecisive.If the mother and father will treat her leniently, adult Katia will differ quite cheerful and sociable disposition.

As Catherine, the value of the name which certain shyness, a good man at heart, relationships with others she will be very good.However, to be frank about his true feelings to anyone, it would be unlikely.The exception in this case can only be the case if someone very much she does not like.Hide your relationship to this person she will not.

By choosing a life partner Catherine, the name of which, as mentioned above, means "chaste", is very picky.Opting for the man who finds congenial, it will remain faithful to him for life.However, the bearer of this name should be taken into account that the care is needed not only to them but also to her husband.If Kate ignores the fact that her marriage fall apart fairly quickly.But most of Katie still - wonderful wife and caring mother.

Katerina, which causes the value of the name of the mobility and variety of interests does not favor any professional activity.It can be successfully run absolutely anyone.Natural feelings Cach may eventually develop into ambition.In this case, the bearer of the name can make significant progress in advancing their careers, though not bring to the activities of private companies is nothing particularly extraordinary.Success Katie achieve mainly due to the diligence and commitment.However, the growth of the corporate ladder will be possible only if Catherine rid of such unpleasant traits as resentment.

Another feature of the character with which Kate will have to fight, it will be dependent on your own mood.In the team she will have to try to keep a low profile.But most Cach understand that perfectly, and so the problems in this area they usually do not arise.

So, now you know what is the name Katerina.Women is quite proud, but independent and kind.He coped with his natural shyness, Katya can achieve a lot in professional activities, as well as in personal life.The pictures - the famous bearer of this name (Catherine the Great, Catherine Dashkova, Catherine de Medici).