Wealth Character "Fu": the legend and customs

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custom of hanging Chinese character for wealth on their doors shrouded in mystery.According to some legends, the tradition coined Taigun Jiang, who was at the throne during the Zhou dynasty.Other sources cite the annals of the Chinese story of Zhu Yunchzhane he became the founder of the Ming Dynasty.The first story is more epic, because it affects the relationship between the Chinese gods: Jiang Taigun became a god, and his wife called the Goddess of Poverty, which she was very happy.Then he ordered her to rule where there is a symbol of prosperity.With this has come the tradition believe and not to allow poverty to his house, hanging character for wealth in the door.

As you can see, the first story is implausible and is more like a joke.The second talks about the natural behavior of the ruling is quite human.Zhu Yunchzhan one heard in the crowd mocked the picture, on which was a picture of a barefoot young girl living in the province of Anhui.The emperor did not understand why these people are laughing, and I thought they were making fun of his wife: she was from the same province.In fact, those people who were laughing, just not used to seeing a woman bare: it was decided tightly bandaged foot girls from early childhood, pulling them tight shoes.Deformed foot and remained a small - it was considered a sign of grace.The emperor ordered to hang on the door of the character of wealth of those who were not in the crowd, and the others executed.

character "Fu" - is not just monetary wealth, the happiness, success in career and family relations, because the word "wealth" comes from the word "god" and points to the positive development not only in the monetary sphere, butand in other aspects of life.There are many characters that are similar in meaning to the character "Fu".For example: a symbol of prosperity and affluence - "Lu";symbol of money and material wealth - "Cai".If a man needs not only financial security, but also the harmony of his inner world with the outer, he should choose the character for "Wealth".Photo of the symbol at the top of the page.

the new year Chinese often hang or draw the character "Fu" upside down: on this subject, there is another legend.Once upon a time, when the rules of the Qing dynasty, before the New Year servant said to hang on the door of a symbol of wealth.Character was installed upside down because of illiteracy servants - it's very angered wealthy owner.Another servant - Chief steward - stood up for the accident and said that he was not mistaken, because in China, "the wealth of inverted" means the same as "wealth has come."Thus servant save lives.

In ancient Chinese book "Historical Records" ("Shang Shu"), there is mention of the fact that the character of wealth has five aspects, which should be carried out, if the rules strictly and responsibly.The first - the longevity, that is reverent attitude to their own health;the second - prosperity, which means taking care of the material sphere of life;the third - the world, because you need to be in harmony not only with themselves but also with other people;fourth - dignity, because we must be able to maintain a sense of respect;and fifth - death without disease, with peace of mind to move into another world.This way of being can rightly be considered the life of a wealthy, happy and successful person.