Flowers celibacy.

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How long people have become superstitious and began to believe in omens - do not know, but we must pay tribute to the vision and observation of some, because very often their predictions come true.While some unconditionally believe in them, while others believe the visionaries charlatans, well, while others listen to him, so to speak, "just in case."

However, if more details refer to some popular beliefs, you can discover many new and interesting.In particular, we are talking about the signs associated with flowers.

sure many housewives who breed houseplants know that there are colors that bring luck, happiness, wealth, and so on.However, not everyone knows that there are plants that are "not allow" a person to marry.The people they are called "flowers of celibacy."If they came after she became someone's wife, then stay in her new status will have a short time, and divorce is inevitable.

So, what are they - the flowers of celibacy?There are several indoor plants belonging to this category.In the first place, flowers celibacy presented violet.In ancient times it was believed that this flower is not only prevents the marriage, but also rejects the love.It is for this reason that a girl marries a man she did not love.

What flowers celibacy exist yet?It Ficus Elastica.Concerning it also has a sign: if this plant to have in the house, the groom will bypass his party.Curious fact that before the 40s of the last century, this plant symbolize prosperity and good luck in business, and in the postwar years, it became known as "the flower of widows", and later - "the flower of chastity."

marriage also prevents a plant like ivy.In the past, women who adhere to the principles of feminism, specially grown this plant, to live alone, without a husband.It argued that curly flowers create favorable conditions for conflicts and quarrels.

Well, and, of course, not to mention such a beautiful flower as a rigger.It causes drowsiness and contributes to fatigue, thus imposing a "seal of celibacy."It is also called "energy" vampire.

For plants, impeding a happy family life, and include common fig tree, which grows in every home.

Sudanese rose flower is also considered celibacy.We may periodically of its owner "flashing" short-term romance, but to go to the registrar it will eventually no one will offer.

believe or not to believe these signs - it's everybody.

If you are a long time can not meet on its path of life his "soul mate", that it will find a simple prayer of celibacy, so be sure to go to church, if you consider yourself a Christian.

Of course, before the people were very far-sighted people who are alert to the slightest detail, so belief in omens was incredibly strong.However, be aware that harmony between people comes when they are feeling is mutual and respected.In fact, there are so many examples of what the house was full of fig trees and violets, and wherein each of the spouses was happily married.Perhaps, in any rule there are exceptions?