How does the milling machine for wood and for what is used?

In ancient years, woodcarving was done by hand.And all the patterns, even the smallest, carved on the surface of the master with his own hands.Of course, it took a lot of time and effort.And now, in the era of technological development, with the advent of various woodworking benches designed one - milling machine for wood.This tool allows you to perform the pattern on the surface of the furniture in the shortest possible period of time.He is used mainly in private companies in the mass production of furniture.


As we have already noted, the main function of this unit is to apply a variety of patterns and designs on the surface of the wood.Thus, the main use of this machine is the production of shaped wood parts.But other than that, this tool is used in the processing of profiles (with planar milling) to form on the surface of the bulk of relief patterns.Some models can be equipped with a special vacuum cleaner for effective removal of wood chips and dust.


worth noting that the milling machine on the tree, no matter how expensive it may be, can not be 100 percent secure operator (the person works for the machine) from injury.However, to reduce these statistics has allowed the use of special devices CNC - computer numerical control.They differ in that they do not require constant human control over the process of processing the material.In fact, all the work here carries the robot, and therefore the risk of injury is reduced almost to nothing.

In addition, a significant advantage of this milling machine is a high speed processing of the material, quality and accuracy of the work undertaken.Thus, the milling machine for wood with CNC allows you to perform the most complex patterns without the involvement of the operator.By the way, to work with such a device is very simple.In order to be able to handle this tool, you need to have a basic knowledge of milling and know which buttons in what sequence should be pressed.To do this, you need only to read the instructions to a particular machine model.


Household milling machine for wood (as well as industrial) performs work on the pattern of the pattern of 1-2 roughing pass.When the first stage is operated cylindrical end mill, which removes most of the layer of wood.Further, spherical or cone cutter clears the surface of the treated material from the layer of shavings and dust, after which the product will be completely ready for use.Unfortunately, table milling machine on a tree is unable workpiece protective varnish on top, so the process has to be done manually.And the lacquered surface of the picture, in order to protect the product from mechanical damage and the harmful effects of environmental factors (sunlight, water, moisture, and so on. D.).