How does the bore gauge indicator and how to use it?

Nutromer indicator - is a device that allows you to accurately determine the parameters and values ​​of internal openings details, including their range and depth.This device readings are displayed by the contact method.Basically Nutromery GOST indicator used in cases where there is a need to measure the parts in a very remote place (that is, where it is impossible to apply the conventional building roulette).It works on the principle of the element radiusometra.


This meter is widely used as a kind of line of products for internal measurements.Nutromer indicator is issued in accordance with standard outside dimensions that determines the GOST.Often, these devices are able to determine the depth of the device in the range of 1 to 18 millimeters.Also bore gauge indicator is in its design, removable washers and pins, which are mounted in a hole tee tool head.The difference in their size ranges from 1 to 5 millimeters.


main structural element in the indicator is a guide sleeve bore gages.In the upper part of the set hour indicator is mounted is determined by the special screw.That is, it displays accurate measurements.Scale it can either be an arrow, or e.Inside the sleeve design Nutromer have long rod, which is in contact with the same part of smaller diameter.Short rod rests on the "fungus" Tee head.The tee has a replaceable measuring rod and the "engine."Both parts are fixed in the housing by a nut.In addition, the indicator has a caliper in its construction centering bridge.It is intended to set the head of the indicator.The diameter of the latter depends on the width of the opening part, which the device is inserted into the measurement values.It was so constituted a modern bore gauge indicator.

How to use this device?

before application of the need to reset the previous values.Resetting is done in several ways - by using a micrometer, ring gauge or a gauge block.Once on the scale, or electronic dial gauge is displayed "0", you can start measuring the width of the opening part.This bore gauge is placed in a hole perpendicular to the product.In testimony to the value of the arrow, you can find out how much it is different from the reference values ​​as specified by the manufacturer.If the device is deflected to the right hand, then the hole diameter is less than the specified value.Accordingly, if the arrow turned to the left side, the width of the items are more.The value and the level of deviation from the standard width of the device are determined by dividing the price multiplied by the number of divisions, to which she moved the arrow.