Why dream of numbers?

It's no secret that in the dream, we may all prividetsya - and positive images and negative.Also, quite often in our dreams there are signs to interpret the meaning of which is practically impossible.And if you dreamed of in one form or another figure?How to interpret such a night vision?Promises Does it need more careful to refer to money, to make a constant count?Or there are other values?So, today we offer together to figure out what we promise to figures in a dream.Meaning visions with such images will help us interpret the most famous and credible downers available today.

Dreams Gustav Miller

To get started find out the opinion of renowned American spirituality about the meaning of numbers in dreams.So, according to Miller, a similar dream promises health problems and mental fatigue.In addition, this vision calls sleep exercise more caution in their actions and words, as there is a risk of failure of a large business.

Dreams Miss Hasse

According to the information from the source, see or write numbers - good luck in business.If you managed to remember a series of numbers in your sleep, then write them down.In real life, maybe they will win the lottery or roulette.But number 9 in a dream is considered a good sign.This way of promise winning the lottery or a different kind of luck.

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Intimate sonnik

clarify more options interpretations of what a person sees the figures in a dream.The value of this vision of the drafters of the collection associated with gender relations.Thus, such a dream can be a reflection of your personal life, and internal requests.Recurring dreams in numbers - a kind of code of subconscious sleep.They can point you to the next goal, and suggest how to achieve them.Consider the value of each digit:

  • 1 - you do not believe in a partner, and it spoils your life, not giving to be happy;
  • 2 - you suspect a loved one in a lie, or even treason;
  • 3 - in my dreams for a long time you see yourself as the legitimate spouse of your current partner;
  • 4 - your personal life bothers you, try to make it the variety;
  • 5 - subconsciously you want to reach new sexual conquests;
  • number 6 in a dream indicates that in real life, your relationship with your loved quiet and safe;
  • 7 - have attracted your attention, or will soon attract people unfamiliar;
  • 8 - your sexual frustration can lead to aggression towards others, as well as lead to a serious quarrel with a loved;
  • 9 - the main your goal is to achieve harmony in a relationship with a partner.

Dreams Traveler

Let us find out what dream figures, according to the authors of this collection.So, they believe that the numbers do not contain any specific information, and perform a mechanical repetition of some calculations, as well as a reflection of concern and confusion in the mind sleeping.Most often, such a vision speaks of fatigue.Sometimes the numbers in a dream can be regarded as a quantitative measure of something, and to correlate them with certain dates.Consider a few numbers values ​​given in this dream book:

  • 0 - a vain idea, bad luck, in a word, anything you have planned will not work;
  • 1 - loneliness;
  • 2 - dual meaning anything, students can receive "two" on the exam, and this figure represents the need to choose.
  • 3 - love triangle, mediocrity;
  • 5 - a mark of "excellent", the recognition of your merits;
  • 6 - endure humiliation;
  • 7 - gain a sense of integrity;
  • 8 - invulnerability, infinite;
  • 9 - cyclical nature of any event, pregnant women;
  • 10 - success;
  • 13 - to fail, perhaps some events in your life are the consequences of someone's magical manipulation;
  • 666 - this is known, the number of the devil, that does not bode well;
  • big, big numbers bode dreamer acquisition of wealth, different major purchases, as well as an unforgettable experience.

modern dream interpretation

According to the interpretation of this source, dream figures - the possible mental fatigue, resulting in increase the likelihood of errors.There is also a risk of loss if you do not think carefully about every word and action.

Dreams AZ

What dream figures in a dream?This source of answers to this question as follows:

  • 0 - a sign of frustration and failure.Also, such a figure can act harbinger appearance dreamer constant feelings of irritability.
  • 1 - a symbol of recognition of the sleeping society.On the way to the waiting a little trouble, but you can manage them without any problems overcome.
  • 2 - a harbinger of gossip and cursed in your address.
  • 3 - a sign that promises a speedy resolution of a complex problem or confusing situation.
  • 4 - a harbinger of a class with some futile and meaningless affairs.
  • 5 - you can defend the truth, and they are right in a difficult dispute.
  • 6 - it is a sign of deception, duplicity, cunning.Seeing such a figure in a dream, in real life should exercise maximum vigilance and prudence.
  • 7 - happy sign of well-being, success and stability.
  • 8 - a symbol of uncertainty, some situation or a problem for a long time will be what is called, in limbo.
  • 9 - a sign that promises the possibility of a big win in a very risky game.Perhaps, in order to achieve success you have to go for broke.

Russian dream book

This source suggests possible memorize the numbers, especially if it is a dream from Saturday to Sunday.Meaning it is quite easy to identify.Thus, the figures generally indicate the number of days until some event.If the whole vision in my sleep was pleasant, and the event will be positive.If in the dreams you do not like something, then in real life there will be something not very good.

Dreams White magician

Why dream of numbers?If the night dreamed that you write numbers in real life you are a person accustomed to systematize everything.You might even be called a pedant.A dream in which you're doing some calculations, portends a necessity rather severe choice that will radically change your life.Therefore, you should hurry.Think about all the good.If you are not sure, then do not hesitate to ask for help from a person you trust.A dream in which you are washing out chalked on the board numbers, says that will soon have to make every effort to get rid of the consequences of the recent rash acts.To make it succeed.However, knock out a lesson from this and try not to repeat such mistakes in the future, because luck is not always as favorable.

What dream figures, which you find in the text while reading a book?This vision promises a surprise for the possession of which you need to prove himself.You may be offered a job, which you have been dreaming.However, to get a job, you need to show all their talents and abilities.

What do the numbers seen in a dream, made of some durable material?This vision warns that soon your life principles will be submitted to the test, which they manage to survive.But in the case if the dream figures made of some fragile materials (cotton, cloth, and so. P.) Then have to compromise its principles.And this will not happen because of the fact that the circumstances will be stronger than you are, but because of their own cowardice and spinelessness.

hear in a dream figure or see how someone writes them - to the delight of someone from your friends.But be careful.After admiration can quickly escalate into a feeling of envy that can destroy friendships.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

compilers of this collection argue that if even dreamed numbers, then you will be lucky.Odd also point out that what was intended was not destined to become a reality, so it makes sense to give up the idea not to waste her precious time.

collection of tips received in a dream

What dream figures in a dream, according to information from the source?For collectors say that such dreams have a meaning in the two cases: if at the time of sleep you interesting in memory hit any number or if you've been paying attention to the number of people or objects in your vision.Consider how the individual interprets the numbers and the number of dream interpretation:

  • 1 - a symbol of self-sufficiency.So, if you see an object in a dream in the singular, then its value will be much stronger than if the items will be several.
  • 2 - a sign of completion of the action.It is also a symbol of stillness and balance.For example, two identical flower fading promise of feeling, a pair of identical coins indicates that your well-being in the near future will not change, and so on. N.
  • 3 - symbol of friendship, cooperation and interaction.
  • 4 - a sign of the freedom of action.What is a dream from Saturday to Sunday?The value of this vision is to ensure that you get the complete freedom of action.However, it may not be ready for it, so you will not leave the sense of uncertainty.
  • 5 - a sign that symbolizes the apogee.For example, five red apples beautiful promise maximum success.
  • 6 - a symbol of excesses in feelings and emotions.
  • 7 - sign indicates the completion of a stage in life.Now you can relax a bit before the new achievements.
  • 8 - a symbol of maturity and completeness forces.It's a good dream, promising to achieve more and more success.
  • 9 - the latest sign of a breakthrough.This vision says that in real life you have to make all their efforts in order to overcome some serious obstacles on the way to its goal.But when you do it, it will not be nothing unattainable, and you can get everything you want.But if you do not make the last push, then a very long time will regret the lost opportunity.