Hanukkah - a Jewish holiday Hanukkah ...

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There are so many jokes about stereotypical images of Jews, but for some reason beyond that it rarely comes.Not many people know well what should be the behavior of the orthodox Jew, what features have kosher food, that for Hanukkah.Postcards, congratulations - how all of this is appropriate in relation to friends?

religious meaning

Iudiaizm and Christianity - a completely different religion, so Chanukah, despite the fact that it dates roughly coincide with Christmas, it is not equivalent.Moreover, it is a totally different holiday with a different meaning.When Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, God's son, then 8 nights Jews remember their spiritual values.In Hebrew, Hanukkah - is "sanctification."And this feast began with a religious miracle when, after the restoration of the Second Temple - an important Jewish shrines - the menorah, a special seven-barrel candle burned for eight nights, even though the oil in it was enough only for one.Therefore, another name that is Hanukkah - Festival of light.Of course, it is a miracle worth it to remember him, but whether Jews celebrate it?Soon it becomes clear that things are much more complicated and multifaceted.


So when Hanukkah is celebrated?In general, the date is fixed, but only with respect to the Jewish calendar.There she falls on the period from the 25th of Kislev Tevet 2-3.But the fact that the conventional chronology is based on several different principles, so for most people all the time Hanukkah falls on different dates.It usually falls in November-December.Perhaps this is another reason why the Jewish holiday Hanukkah so strongly associated with Christmas.


Of course, one of the main attributes of the holiday is Chanukah - an unusual light, which is unlikely to meet not in a Jewish home.Perhaps that is what candles are used as one of the main symbols of Hanukkah, and introduces many astray.The fact that they are also used by Christians as a decoration for the Christmas tree or put on the windowsill.In this tradition has roots going back centuries, at the time of the Reformation in England.While Catholics were persecuted, so that Irish families, if they wanted to in their Christmas visit to the priest, had somehow signal this.Candle on the windowsill and was one of the signs.

Chanukia shape is very similar to the menorah, but has two additional candlestick.Initially, it looked quite different and was very convenient to hang it on the wall.Now so almost do not, but still prescribed to put a lit Hanukkah to prominence.In addition, after lighting the candles made to read a special prayer, but also about a half hour after that women should refrain from any work.If the flame is burning at least half an hour, the rite is not considered to be fulfilled, and it is necessary to hold it again.


Since Hanukkah - a celebration of lights, it is not surprising that it is accompanied by the lighting of candles.But even this simple action in this period is meaningful.Every evening at sunset or just after it is lit one candle of Hanukkah, and next to it joins the second and so on.It is important to know that the lights should be placed from left to right, and the light in the opposite direction.Since the end of the holiday period, all nine candles are lit, including the shamash, is located in the center.

Despite the fact that it is not one of the major Jewish holidays, Hanukkah - a period when the whole family gets together.All congratulate each other, playing with dreydelom - a special four-sided spinning top, sing songs.By the way, as for the game, it became associated with Hanukkah is relatively recent.As historians believe, the prototype of the fun for the first time appeared on the lands of modern Germany about the XVI century.

There are traditional dishes: the Jews in this period love to cook latkes, then there are special potato pancakes with onions and salt, with applesauce and sour cream.It is also very popular during Hanukkah becoming custard donuts in powdered sugar.Many Jews also use the whole festive week a lot of dairy products, thus honoring Judith, which saved an entire village from the Syrian conquest.Moreover, any food during this period very much oil is added.These are the traditions of Hanukkah.


Holiday light is also the meaning of the acquisition of religious freedom and spiritual self-determination.Of course, congratulations on Hanukkah will be pleased to any Jew, including friends from the followers of other religions.The easiest would be to say, "Chag Chanukah Sameach."This is a simple wish for a happy holiday will be impressed, or at least touch any Jew, for whom the most important religious tradition.

Sometimes the opposite situation, when the Jews wish happiness to their friends in honor of a religious holiday.Do not take greetings Hanukkah as a bad joke.This festival is open to all, and one of its values ​​- the desire to bring the world of joy and light.So, in 2003, the first Catholic Vatican lit Hanukkah candles.Generally speaking, you should not overreact to the greeting.You just politely thank and wish good luck to answer, because it's just a Hanukkah.Congratulations quite appropriate.


Despite the fact that in terms of attributes Jewish Hanukkah - it is almost a Christian Christmas, between the holidays there is a serious difference.For the Jews do not typical in this period presents, of course, if we are not talking about children.Adults as if presented with one another surprise, then, as a rule, it's just a nice simple little things.If Christmas in recent years has been firmly associated with mad spending and expensive gifts, the Hanukkah - the holiday, which is able to avoid it.Traditionally, only the children bring candy and nuts, as well as special money - Held.

Other Jewish holidays

Hanukkah - it's just a time when Jews remember their spiritual values ​​and deprivations endured by their ancestors.They think that, despite all the difficulties, they managed to survive and come to today's prosperity.However, this is not the most important holiday in the Jewish calendar.Moreover, almost always all adults working in this period, although children often do not attend school.

Generally, there are three main festival, which marks the majority of Jews.Firstly, it is the New Year, or Rosh Hashanah.It falls around September and marks the beginning of a new cycle of life.Secondly, it is Purim, which symbolizes the salvation of the Jews from extermination.At this time - usually March - all obmeniayutsya sweets.Finally, the most important holiday - Pesach is, or Passover.But if in the Christian tradition is the day of the resurrection of Jesus, the Jews had a completely different meaning.Their central celebration dedicated exodus of Jews from Egypt under the leadership of Moses.Still, among the non-Jewish population of Europe and the United States Chanukah is perceived as the most important holiday.Perhaps in some ways it is, although formally, of course, Passover is much more important.

Modern trends

information age leaves its mark on religious holidays.Rather than get together, family and friends simply send each other messages and pictures.Few are now studying the Torah in this period.Perhaps the only Orthodox Jews remain faithful to these traditions, and all who live outside Israel do not always remember that generally means Hanukkah.Postcards nevertheless circulate or distribute many.There is also a tendency to exchange gifts, but usually it does not go beyond the family and practiced only in Western countries.

role in the upbringing of children

Congratulations Hanukkah - is, of course, fine, but this festival, among other things, allows you to play and engage in the usual form of the formation of spiritual offspring.On the faces of dreydela are four letters that symbolize the words "there was a great miracle", and inside Israel last word "here".In addition, during this period, parents have the opportunity to talk with the children, tell them about the traditions of his people and what they mean.Thus, Hanukkah - it is also a day of unity of generations.Well, the game with a dreidel during times of persecution helped Jewish children to learn writing.

Jewish holiday Hanukkah amazing and versatile in the philosophical sense.At first glance it's just a memory of a military victory, but on second thought, it is much deeper and more interesting.Perhaps the children of the Jews in this celebration is really a kind of analogue of the Nativity, though with a very different meaning.In any case, one should not underestimate the atmosphere of spiritual unity, which is committed Hanukkah.Cards, conversation, refreshments, meeting old friends - all designed to draw people's attention to the true meaning of the holiday.And it is in bringing people together.

features and security measures

Judaism provides many little things that may seem to modern man is very funny, though many Jews have strict views still adhere to the traditions of their ancestors, and do not forget about them, even during Hanukkah.

So, one day of the holiday period should be especially careful and light candles before Shabbat.In addition, it is worth remembering that the menorah and hanukalii blow unnecessarily impossible - they have to burn out to the end.If there is a need for a long time absent himself from home, you can extinguish the candles.To prevent fire, keep in mind that any open flames should be in reach of children, as well as stable and preferably non-flammable surfaces.For greater security, you can put on a sheet of foil hanukalii.