Gay clubs in Moscow: addresses, photos

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Not all people choose to while away the evening free time in social networks, many yearn for active fun, musical drive, new friends and dance at fall.These desires are easily implemented in nightclubs, where a bustling holiday without cause are often continues until the morning.

From the article, you'll learn why and where there are the most unusual clubs in Moscow, night amusement places gay character.

Cinema and Reality

In a television series Queer as Folk («Close friends") you can see a quarter with resting places for representatives of homosexual.Is there something similar in the Russian capital?On the whole area can not speak, but the gay clubs in Moscow, there are quite a large variety in the evenings and open doors for visitors.

However, in the TV series and movies such institutions are rarely portrayed authentically, while real clubs for gays - it's just funny and noisy place where people come to dance to the energetic music, watch the show on stage, meet with fansmerriment, drink, relax and dismiss everyday problems.In general, the gay clubs of Moscow practically do not differ from other entertainment capital.The only difference in visitors, but there can be surprises.

Not only gay

the club, intended for homosexual men, very often you can find companies that make merry heterosexual girls.But they zahazhivayut in such places is not the purpose to get to know someone, but just the opposite - to get away from the annoying attention of "traditional" guys just have fun and dance to their hearts' content.Often young ladies out there are going to hen parties.

In addition, the atmosphere of a gay club, free, relaxed and devoid of pathos, a people to himself, which are alien to the conventions, regardless of their preferences.After all, here you can look like anything and not too think about what kind of impression.

representatives of non-standard orientation feel here like fish in water: no condemnation or oblique views, which helps to fully relax and liberated, enjoying the revelry, removing stress and forget about all the problems.For the same reason in such clubs often go heterosexuals.After the show program, which can be seen on stage in the thematic institutions is truly unique.

unrestrained celebration

entertaining programs, offering its visitors the gay clubs in Moscow, different scale and diversity.For the entertainment of the public on the stage are male strip shows and competitions are held incendiary.Almost every night you can see the bright and bold female impersonator show and effervescent musical parodies of pop stars.From time to time, visitors can dance and performances by these singers, among them Sergei Lazarev, Boris Moiseev, Eva Polna, Jeanne Aguzarova, Lolita, the group "Mirage" and many others.Generally musically gay clubs in Moscow often offer time-tested disco hits of foreign and domestic musicians.However, in the elite institutions is complete without fashionable club tracks by guest DJs.

legendary place

first metropolitan institution for fans of club life with gay became opened in 1994 "Premiere".A year later there was a gay club "Central Station."Moscow gradually became the center of life tusovka all directions.

belongs to the category of legends and thematic place called "Chance", was repeatedly moved to other addresses and opens later as "Body and Soul" and then "Nebesa".Currently club closed.More

one of the oldest gay establishments were "Three Monkeys," a lot of time to move from place to place and, apparently, closed in 2014. A similar fate befell many of the capital's gay places to stay afloat only a few dozen of the formerclubs and bars, to operate successfully in the 1990s and early 2000s.

However, not everything is so bad, and often the closure of institutions means that it no longer needed.In an era of ubiquitous Internet urban dwellers do not use clubs to find a pair.Most people are introduced to the website and then go hang out in their favorite places, not necessarily narrow focus.In other words, clubs orientation over time are replaced Club: music, cuisine, style and so on. D.

top five

With the passage of time of a few dozen "non-traditional" clubs and bars in the capital have no more than ten.Reviews allow highlight the top five places.This list does not just some big clubs, but also small gay bars and regular themed parties.This is due to the fact that the really big institutions such narrow focus almost gone.

So, the first place in the unofficial ranking of "best gay clubs in Moscow" gets a little place called "Mono Bar", located on Pokrovsky Boulevard.At the moment, it is this place visitors leave the most positive comments on social networks.

In second place - the famous club "Central Station» (Central Station), replaced in 2014. interior and location.Now he is in the street Lenin Sloboda.

third place gets merry gay party China Town, consistently passing on Sunday at "Propaganda".

fourth place takes a cozy "Our Cafe" on Tverskaya, working from dusk till dawn.

And in fifth place ranking was the cafe-club "12 volt", also located on Tverskaya Street.

Now more all establishments chosen by visitors as the best themed bars and gay clubs of Moscow.Photo and video shooting at parties they are usually banned.

Mono Bar

The atmosphere relaxed and carefree.Interior pleases the eye, music, fun, friendly staff.You can eat and drink cheaply.Motley crowd, but adequate.Many visitors come here for the first time, they did not even realize that they were in a gay bar.Among the shortcomings highlighted the fact that women are not particularly willing to let, unless accompanied by a young man.

«Central Station» (Central Station)

Once metropolitan place of worship is now beginning to take positions, and gets high marks mainly due to the regulars.In general, nothing outstanding club is no different, as noted by those who it is.

Beautiful interior, including a summer terrace, spoils the unfriendly staff and not always high-quality alcohol.Despite the great popularity of the club, not at all in the evening you can see a lot of visitors.

China Town "propaganda»

fun and fashionable gay party in style for more than ten consecutive years, attracts clubbers from all over Moscow, as well as guests of the capital, including foreign ones.For the mood of the public meet several DJs, including the famous Tony Key.All this creates a good mood for the fans of the club rest.The downside can be assumed that the girl without a male escort is not easy to get to the party.

«Our Cafe»

There are two rooms - one with a bar, the other - with tables and a stage on which are held nightly transvestite shows, which are one of the highlights of the institution.In general, the program of entertainment of visitors is well thought out, organized as a party, to a permanent action on food and beverages.


This coffee club pleasantly surprised its visitors with affordable prices and a cozy, friendly atmosphere.On weekends there is too crowded, but overall the situation is calm.People come here to relax and spend time comfortably.

Theme cafes, bars and gay clubs in Moscow: Address

This list includes the most visited and popular venues.

  • Mono Bar - Pokrovsky blvd., 6/20.
  • "Propaganda", party China Town every Sunday - Large Zlatoustinskiy Lane, 7.
  • Central Station - st.Lenin Sloboda, 19, Bldg.2.
  • Ice Club - Stoleshnikov lane., 7, p. 2.
  • "Bar 911" - Glinischevsky Pereulok 11.
  • "12 V" (12 Volt) - st.Tverskaya, 12, p. 2.
  • "Our Cafe" - Tverskaya st., 25/9.

in the Russian capital at the moment there are not many gay establishments, but existing demand from completely different categories of visitors.After all, the desire to have a good time, to dance, to meet friends and have fun in every way peculiar to many people, and often regardless of their income, social status, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other factors.