Dream Interpretation: robbery - meaning and interpretation of sleep

Not all dreams are good.The same can be said about their interpretation.Waking up after a negative dream, I want to delete it from memory.But, like forgetting, perhaps to avoid the consequences of previous reality?As the multiple cases - no.Therefore, the situation is better to prevent than to solve it.This tells us a dream book.Robbery, crime, theft in a dream - this is what we will say in our article.

See robbery by

observed in a dream to it, as there is a robbery?This means that in real life you are too trusting.What can advise dream interpretation?Robbery is usually dream when surrounded by the dreamer is a man who is trying to insert a stick in the wheel.Therefore, you should be very careful.

also this dream has a number of other values.Firstly, he can talk about that in the near future, you get rid of your attacks unpleasant person.Secondly, such a vision can mean that you owe to the state (not paid utility bills or taxes).The third robbery in a dream could spell serious trouble.In a short time you pull hard on a huge number of issues that will not be solved so easily.What in this situation can advise dream interpretation?The robbery happened on the street, at home, at work - it does not matter.In any case, you will need the help of friends or relatives.Dreams also advises not to neglect the services of strangers.

If you dream you stand looking like robbing a man, then you are living in a principled and hard.That's why you have a lot of enemies who are trying to hurt by any means.

Robbery outside

If the street you are attacked several robbers in the near future expect disappointment.And it will happen because of the situation, you will not be able to influence.In this case, the dream book advises not to get involved in dangerous affairs and intrigues.Nothing good will not bring it.

dream in which the robbers overtook you on the street, is the excitement associated with your health.It is not necessary in this situation rely on the advice of strangers or resort to alternative medicine.Such actions only harm.The most rational and effective way to access to a doctor.This is evidenced by the dream book.

robbery on the street, which was accompanied by beatings and desecration, means that in reality you suffer the humiliation and anguish.Dream interpretation in this case advises to forget this situation, otherwise the accumulation of resentment can lead to depression or to commit a crime.

If your dreams are you trying to hide from the thieves, the reality you seek to get rid of negative energy.It is also a night vision can predict the fear of someone.This man regularly weighs on you mentally, and you unfortunately can not resist him for unknown reasons.In this case advises dream interpretation?Robbery, which you try to avoid in your dream, acts as a protection against a hated pest.Be brave and strong.

Robbery home

What can tell us concerning this dream dream interpretation?Robbery apartment says that you are waiting for disaster and disappointment.After this situation you will have a long time to get out and restore its reputation.

If in your dream you saw a burglar in his home, then it means that someone builds intrigues you.Look closely at their surroundings.Perhaps you will be able to find out who the villain.

What else can tell dream interpretation?Interpretation of Dreams, a robbery that occurred in your home can be different.It all depends on what kind of atmosphere to haunt you in a night vision.For example, if you watch the way the thief climbs to you through the window, the husband (wife) changes you.

If you see a sneaking thief, it says that soon all your hopes come true.For the most part this will involve working moments.For example, a project that you have worked for a long time, will bring profits.

to see that in your own home you rob people familiar to you, it is to be stripped to the bone by those who have always trusted you.

What else can we tell the dream book?Robbery apartments - cooling of relations with the other half.In the near future you will be serious quarrels and scandals.There is also the damage relations with their children because of the ridiculous situation.Disrespect from their side will be felt all the time, but, alas, the situation is already not correct.

Resistance thief

If you set off after the robbery after "uninvited guest", then wait in the near future conflicts.They will harass you at work and in personal relationships.What advise dream interpretation?Robbery at home in this case means your desire to improve the situation.Do not stop in any case.

dream in which you are not allowed to robbery, said that in the near future you will find a profit.But this will happen only when you really learn how to help people in need.

Catch a Thief

you catch the criminal?This is a good sign.Soon your competitors and criminals will be defeated.

Back interpreted a dream in which you pursue the robber.In this case, you should be extremely cautious.

If you caught a thief in your house, it means your distrust of others.In the words of dream interpretation, in this case, what you need.

If you dream you are caught and punished a thief, then you need to be tolerant towards others.

If a thief - the dreamer himself

robber turned you?You will be able to solve the problem that bothers you for a long time already.Only in this case, you should not rely only on their own knowledge and power.It is better to take the advice of experienced people.Maybe that's their advice would be fatal to your life.

Also, this dream can be interpreted somewhat differently.If you watch the way rob a man, soon all of your hopes and plans turn into dust.

If you dream you robbed someone and went into hiding, it means that your health is under attack.Immediately see a doctor!

you steal the money in your sleep?This means that in reality, you spoil your reputation.

What if you rob a bank?This means the material difficulties and problems.

prosecution and persecution of the dreamer

What can give us an interpretation dream interpretation?Robbery ended persecution - hence the meaning of this vision, in this case will be negative.It acts as a theft warning against participation in a situation that is bad impact on the fate of the dreamer.

If you dream you see how you are persecuted by the police for committing a robbery, it says that your life will soon come a time when everyone around will turn away from you.

you was charged with theft?Expect the collapse in all cases due to minor troubles.

If you are with someone rob the premises, then in reality you substitute a good man.

If you look at how to punish others for robbery, then you should be more sympathetic to treat people.

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