Psychological tricks: how to subdue a man?

just seems that gender relations are based on equality and partnership.So maybe only in theory.In real life, we are all to some extent manipulate each other.Therefore, questions arise about how to subdue a man, how to control the other person.We have all heard stories of how seemingly homely woman is neither beauty nor intelligence, is able to win the heart of any knight.From the side it always seems that there is some kind of trick."What they found her?"- Neighbors complain and colleagues.Or maybe she just knows how to subdue the man, and know how to use their talents not only in bed?

In ancient times it was believed that "the husband - the head."The wife, therefore the neck, where he wants, and to turn.In truth, this is the main secret of how to subdue the man himself.We need to give him a feel mostly, "head."But the one and only, for which you and the fire, and water.Correctly maxim of "the way to the heart through the stomach"?Not all and not always.In that case, if you know how to cook your favor

ite dishes, if properly use the products-aphrodisiacs, it is suitable.But remember a lot of stories about how their husbands abandon their economic and perfectly preparing women for others ... For what?In fact it turns out that for the sake of those with whom it is not only good for dinner or in bed.The important point for those who want to know how to subdue a man: let him feel the freedom of expression.Listen and listen again.Assents, not criticize.Even telling you about the feelings for the other, he unwittingly becomes depends on you: after all, no one like you would not understand.

create and maintain an atmosphere of trust.Allows him to do what the house is not allowed.For example, to scatter socks around the room or smoke in the living room.If you are just going to use mandative tone or quibble over trifles, its purpose - to answer the question of how to subdue a man - you do not get.But then, when he will understand that you are truly supports it, you can start cautiously and seek their interests.Again urging him in passing that, apart from him, you can not help anyone.No requirement.Try to keep all your wishes expressed in the form of a request, or even better - a touch of regret, "Oh, it would be nice ..." If the relationship between men and women based on the respect and affection, he will want to fulfill your whim.And if he feels with the knight on the white horse, his ego will not let him just do not grant you royally.

secret of how to subdue the man, is quite simple.Let him confirm his importance, his uniqueness.This, in general, applies to any person.There is only one "but": even if you're openly flatter him, never let him feel your insincerity.Try and do believe in all the virtues that you praise.All the rest is largely irrelevant.We have to do and another caveat: never a man does not inspire you, "does not mean anything."Among them, there are few psychologists who are ready to raise your self-esteem.Chances are, your partner will believe you and will look for the one that currently is the best opinion.