Dunning-Kruger effect: how we judge their abilities

known that over time, there are certain patterns of human behavior, responses, stereotyped behavior.However, the template can also be a way of thinking.Due to the fact that our consciousness strives to simplify your life, it creates certain patterns under which adjusts the surrounding reality.Often, these stereotypes have nothing to do with reality, but they continue with enviable persistence "organize" our lives.Such stereotyped patterns of thought are called "cognitive distortions" and greatly simplify the conscious activity, quickly hanging labels on certain situations.An example of such stereotyping can serve as the Dunning-Kruger effect, which clearly proves the saying: "Woe - from the mind!"

The more you know - the more you realize that you know nothing

sure many highly educated people who seek to continuous learning, caught myself thinking that they face even the sea of ​​the unknown, and all their skills - only a drop in the seaand still so much to learn to ... And at the same time, every step we meet, to put it mildly, not the most competent people who for some reason firmly believe in his competence and authority.Such people rarely bother the problem of obtaining additional knowledge, but eager to show his expert opinion at any opportunity.To describe such people in social psychology, there is a special term - Dunning-Kruger effect.

Description Fairy nomen

above the people because of their incompetence often make mistakes (mostly in manufacturing), but will never recognize this guilt - or rather, did not deem the cause of bad decisions of their limited knowledge.For such individuals are characterized by revaluation of their own knowledge and skills.They are unable to recognize that someone else may be more qualified, and he should learn.Also, they never admit their ignorance.However, the effect Kruger extends to the other pole: highly qualified specialists tend to belittle their abilities, they are less confident and painstakingly analyze every decision.

Dunning-Kruger Effect: causes distortion

Why is this happening?It would seem that ignorance should not inspire confidence, but it happens.Most likely, the matter of compensation.As mediocre intellectual abilities do not allow such people to realize self-importance, they compensate for the lack of knowledge and confidence high opinion of himself.And the others are always visible to the persons described ignorance, but of his own - no.They really believe that expressing expert opinion.In fact Dunning-Kruger effect is a serious problem in the modern world, as enterprises are more and more common carriers of the cognitive distortions that are not the best way affects the quality of production.Moreover, not only the labor sphere struck by this effect.Uneducated people expressing their "authoritative" opinion in many other areas: politics, social life, and the like.