How to be happy?

In the race for success and neurotic quest to earn all the money people do not get either the first or the second.Sooner or later, the psyche can not stand, and productivity falls, which is accompanied by loss of interest in life and the desire to do anything at all.How to be happy?Psychology can offer us some answers, but the path to personal happiness - long and difficult.

In the name of what?

most important condition of happiness - the meaningfulness of life.This man knows what he's doing every one of his actions, he sees their significance and is even able to enjoy the activities that previously seemed unpleasant.But how to find meaningful?How to be happy?Psychologists recommend honestly answer the question of values ​​and think about what personality traits inherent in you can change the world for the better.You will be surprised his answers, if you think on this subject deeply and long.It often turns out that the parents learned of a series of "How to be the happiest?" Simply do not work, and you have a child you do not need-oriented values.Therefore, you find it difficult to feel truly happy with their lives.After all, you were chasing a minor.Many women do not need a success, and the love of friends and relatives.At the same time, many of those who tried to "drive the soul" of the truth about women's true destiny, it is actually better not implement themselves in the world of relationships and the objective laws of the world.That is, in the natural sciences, computing, economics profession.

Small Steps to Happiness

second condition - regular progress.How to be happy?Psychology says that confidence we need constant confirmation of success.It is therefore important to keep a diary of achievements.This simple tool allows you to dramatically improve life satisfaction.Many people tend to forget about their achievements, and focus only on the problems.It brings to mind fatigue and makes it work on the edge of the opportunities that will inevitably end in a breakdown of the unstable state.

Appreciate good

third condition of happiness - thanks.People.And higher power - God.Religious people are happier agnostics and atheists happier past.Indeed, if a person constantly sees how much to give him, he will enjoy life more than a "whiner" with unreasonable demands.Thanks to people also pays for itself - it allows you to create more trust and warm relationship.How to be happy?Psychologists recommend to conduct another blog - "The Chronicles of happiness."In it you write a day for at least ten things for which you are grateful to God and to people.There are even special applications for mobile phones that allow you to immediately record their impressions.

There are other "schasteobrazuyuschie factors" such as the ability to enjoy other people's achievements, a sufficient amount of time to socialize and a belief in a better future.But most importantly, what we talked about above.How to be happy in life?Live in a meaningful way, do not forget about your successes and be grateful.