Lessons astromineralogii stone chalcedony, its varieties and properties

Chalcedony is inherently silica comprises fused together small quartz minerals.He has a mild waxy luster and can be completely transparent or half.Color Range stone widest: he is white, greyish, milky, gray with blue, brown, black, sandy-red, and others. Variety of chalcedony - these are popular in jewelry and esoteric stones like carnelian, agate, onyx, etc..d.

Features stone

according to astrological calculations, chalcedony stone has a very powerful healing energy.He is strong in the exercise of love magic rituals.With it you can increase the attraction between people, friendships, family affection.Moreover, chalcedony stone is able to act as a peacemaker.Man wearing it with you, do not become a victim of infighting and quarrels, and if within range of mineral and conflicts break out, then just as quickly extinguished.No wonder the North American Indians called it "a stone of friendship."Esoteric properties of the mineral are:

  • activates telepathic abilities of the person;
  • increases the power of thinking and imaginative flow;
  • chalcedony stone protects its "owner" of someone else's power influence his enemies;
  • cites three main components of the person - spirit, mind and body - in a state of harmony.

Another interesting feature of the mineral is that it encourages people to generous acts of kindness.Because if you want the person miserly, too lean, even greedy to induce any serious spending previously give him any thing, which is interspersed with stone chalcedony.

Medical records

mineral has long been used in alchemy, the ancient medicine.In the old days it was highly valued its antiseptic properties.Because physicians pounded natural chalcedony (stone photo you see above) into a powder and sprinkle them wound.It was believed that it is useful to mix in food or drink has recently given birth to a woman: powder increases the flow of milk in the breasts, and even contributed to the awakening and strengthening of maternal feelings.Weakened physically, morally emaciated doctor prescribes the adoption of chalcedony, to strengthen the immune system, increase physical endurance.He was considered an excellent remedy for dementia and impotence, stimulant of hematopoiesis, as well as an excellent tonic drug.

Astrological options

in astrology is very popular, chalcedony stone.Zodiac, to which it relates in the first place - Sagittarius.According to astrologers, the magicians, have mineral pronounced feminine.Women are concerned about the relationship in the family, in private life, you must wear a bracelet on the arm of chalcedony and keep a piece of stone in the bedroom.It is desirable that the mascot was closer to the bed, then he is stronger.Harmony in family relations, love and happiness - all this within the scope of the stone.And to enhance its positive impact is possible, if there put variety of chalcedony, which has already been mentioned, such as agate.Get a chalcedony and Veit cozy family gnzdyshko!