Types orchestras.

Orchestra - a group of musicians playing different instruments.But do not confuse it with the ensemble.This article will explain what kinds of bands there.Their compositions of musical instruments will also be sanctified.

Variety orchestras

Orchestra ensemble differs from that in the first case, the same tools are grouped together, playing in unison, that is a common melody.In the second case, each musician is a soloist - plays its part."Orchestra" - the Greek word translated as "dance floor".It was situated between the stage and the audience.This site was located chorus.She looked like a modern orchestra pit.And over time, there began to be placed musicians.And the name of the "orchestra" got the group of performers-instrumentalists.

Types orchestras:

  • Symphony.
  • String.
  • spirits.
  • Jazz.
  • Variety.
  • Orchestra of Folk Instruments.
  • military.
  • School.

composition of different kinds of instruments of the orchestra are strictly defined.Symphony is a group of strings, percussion and wind instruments.String and brass bands consist of instruments corresponding to their names.Jazz may have a different composition.Pop orchestra consists of wind, string, percussion, piano and musical instrument.

Species choirs

choir - it's a great ensemble of singers.Artists must be at least 12. Most of the choirs were accompanied by orchestras.Types of different orchestras and choirs.There are several classifications.First choirs are divided into types on the structure of the vote.It can be: female, male, mixed, children's and boys' choirs.The manner of performance of folk and academic distinction.

And choruses are classified according to the number of performers:

  • 12-20 people - vocal and choral ensemble.
  • 20-50 artists - Chamber Choir.
  • 40-70 singers - medium.
  • 70-120 participants - a big chorus.
  • to 1000 artists - consolidated (several teams).

The status choirs are divided into: educational, professional, amateur, church.

Symphony Orchestra

Not all orchestras include stringed bowed instruments.This group includes: violin, cello, viola, double bass.One of the orchestra, which includes a string stringed family - Symphony.It is built up of several different groups of musical instruments.To date, two types of orchestras: small and large.The first of these has a classic composition: 2 flutes, the same bassoons, clarinets, oboes, trumpets and horns, no more than 20 strings, occasionally drums.

Symphony Orchestra can be any composition.It can include 60 or more stringed instruments, tubas, trombones and 5 different tones and 5 tubes, 8 horns, flutes and 5, as well as oboes, clarinet and bassoon.It may also include such species from the group of brass, like the oboe d'amore, piccolo, contrabassoon, English horn, saxophones of all types.It can be incorporated a huge number of percussion instruments.Often a large symphonic orchestra includes organ, piano, harpsichord and harp.

Brass Band

Almost all kinds of bands have in their composition a family of wind instruments.This group includes two varieties: copper and wood.Some types of orchestras consist only of wind and percussion instruments, such as wind and war.In the first variety the main role belongs to the cornet, mountain types, tubas, baritone, euphonium.Secondary instruments: trombone, trumpet, horn, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, oboes, bassoons.If the brass band is large, there tend to be all of the tools are increasing in numbers.Very rarely can be added to the harp and keyboards.

brass bands repertoire includes:

  • Marches.
  • European Ballroom Dancing.
  • opera arias.
  • Symphony.
  • Concerts.

Brass bands appear most often on the open street markets or accompany the procession as they sound very powerful and bright.

Orchestra of Folk Instruments

Their repertoire consists mainly of works of national character.What is their instrumental composition?Each nation has his own.For example, in the orchestra of Russian folk instruments include: balalaika, harp, dobro, zhaleyka, whistles, button accordions, rattles, and so on.

military band

have already been listed species orchestra consisting of wind and percussion instruments.There is another variety that includes these two groups.This military bands.They serve to articulate military rituals, ceremonies, as well as to participate in the concerts.Military bands are of two kinds.Some consist of drums and brass.They are called homogeneous.The second type - a mixed military bands, they are, among other things, have in their composition a group of woodwind.