The child coughs during sleep: why?

Coughing is an important signal to parents that a baby is something wrong.This protective mechanism by which the body tries to withdraw pathogens or mucus from the airways.If a child coughs during sleep, it has the nature of the disease suggests that lies at the heart attacks.

Why a cough?

important to understand that you can not suppress the cough itself, you need to look for the causes of its occurrence.It is not necessary to delay the campaign to the doctor if the child before bedtime cough.Only he can make the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

dry cough can occur when there is any respiratory tract irritant.It is most commonly caused by viruses and microbes, but the reason may be factors such as dust, animal dander and tobacco smoke.Cough indicates an excessive amount of phlegm.

reasons nocturnal cough

Many parents are very concerned about why a child coughs during sleep at night, but the day is healthy.This phenomenon can be observed for several reasons.

  • ENT diseases.In this case, the cough may be dry and manifest as a tingling or scratchy throat.In the supine position the mucus gets into the larynx, which provokes a reflex cough.
  • Asthma.This disease can worsen at night.The main feature is considered soft whistle when you exhale.He usually appears towards the morning, which is associated with increased bronchospasm.Sometimes the cough should be considered as equivalent to asthma.
  • Casting stomach contents.If your child coughs after sleep at night, and then worried about the baby heartburn, most likely the problem is not functioning gastrointestinal tract.
  • Pertussis.Painful and exhausting bouts of coughing, usually end up vomiting.A person can be very kid blush during attacks, and his eyes - tears.
  • viral infection.At first, the child worries a dry cough, and then it becomes wet.

What to do during an attack?

If a child coughs during sleep much, parents can slightly alleviate his suffering.You can offer your child a warm drink that will slightly reduce irritation and relieve inflammation.Well it helps honey, tea with lemon or raspberry.

Character cough

to determine the identity of a particular disease cough, the doctor has to determine the type of cough.To do this, you need to pay attention to its characteristics:

  • duration;
  • strength cough;
  • time of day when the most powerful cough;
  • nature of cough: dry or wet;
  • sputum and its quantity;
  • tone cough;
  • other symptoms: runny nose, fever and wheezing.

antitussive How to choose?

If a child coughs after sleeping or during the day games, to do without treatment is unlikely to succeed.To choose the right drug, you need to understand the basic nuances.It is best to contact your pediatrician, who will paint a further plan of action.

prescribe treatment, the doctor will review:

- productivity and intensity of coughing;

- nature of bronchial secretions, the viscosity;

- the child's age and general condition;

- pharmacological features of various cough preparations.

How to treat a cough?

If a child coughs during sleep, you need to be wary of a combination of drugs.They combine different components of the action, so you can not take them without a doctor's prescription.If a child are allergic, be sure to report it at the reception!

Parents need to know that you can not give your child cold preparations, if he cough.There's more, do not need to self-prescribe antibiotics.Uncontrolled use of these drugs can lead to unpleasant consequences, which will be very difficult to eliminate.Treatment must be prescribed by a doctor after examining the child.

If a child coughs during sleep, you need to look for the cause of this phenomenon.Treat immediately cough absolutely no sense, it is only a symptom of the disease.

Traditional recipes

Strong nocturnal cough may be a little easier folk remedies.Good help in this case, the packs which are hot and cold.They only overlap in the area of ​​the throat, but also on the trachea, bronchi and lungs.During the procedure, care must be taken not to affect the heart.

layer of cheesecloth can be impregnated with essential oils: lavender, pine or eucalyptus.Also helping packs, which are made by boiled potatoes.

When a child coughs during sleep, it does not prevent the infusion of ginger.It must be rubbed through a grater and mix with lemon.Infusion held for a few hours.Assuming it needs in small quantities at night.

good effect is given a bath with a decoction of ginger.But they are contraindicated if elevated body temperature.Their duration should be about 20 minutes.

Rubbing and inhalation

This method can be used when the child is older than six months.Used for grinding internal fat, special gels and ointments.After the procedure, the treated area is necessary to wrap up warm.

If the child before bedtime coughs as an expectorant used sage.On the basis of need to prepare a decoction, which is subsequently diluted milk.If the child is not allergic, you can add a little honey.

The biggest mistake that many parents - is self.Improper treatment can "turn off" the cough center.All cold preparations you can give your baby only on prescription.The main purpose - to translate it into a productive nonproductive cough.Then the respiratory system will be cleaned of mucus and infections.

If effectively act on the receptors of the mucous and moisten the airways, the mucus will depart much easier.This can be achieved via inhalation aerosols.They will remove the irritation and relax the muscles of the bronchi.Inhalation can be done on the basis of herbs or essential oils.

Regardless of why the child is coughing in his sleep, he should offer plenty of drink.It can be tea, juice or plain water.Well moistened airways drops and nasal sprays.If the doctor does not prescribe medicines, saline solutions can be used.

Tablets for sucking and syrups help to reduce cough reflex stimulation.

What says Dr. Komarovsky?

famous pediatrician Komorowski encourages all mothers to create optimal conditions for the child's health.It means that the room should not be too hot and dry.The temperature values ​​should not be greater than 22 degrees Celsius, and humidity - 60% higher.Toddler need plenty of water.If he refuses, the drink can be given fractionally.

When a child coughs during sleep, Komorowski advises to follow the nature of the cough.If the third or fourth day, he did not become productive, it is necessary to consult a doctor.Perhaps popular treatment in this case is insufficient.