Humidifiers for newborns: reviews.

Many people know the feeling of dryness and discomfort in the house.And the feeling can appear in the hot season or winter.The reason for this - the dry air in the room.After all, we are saved from the heat with the help of air conditioning and in the winter we have warm central heating.As a result, the air becomes dry.Furthermore, it contains various allergens - a pollen, dust, microorganisms.This situation is accompanied by the emergence of various diseases.And adults can still get used to these conditions, but the children's low humidity and dirty air is dangerous.The reason is that the light from navorozhёnnyh children are not formed until the end, and they are hard to breathe dry air.Of course, you can do wet cleaning in the nursery, often airing, but these methods are ineffective.

It is therefore good to buy a humidifier for the newborn.Such appliances have small dimensions, it spends a small amount of electricity, operates silently, and the result is immediately noticeable.You doubt it?Then turned his attention to the internet, air humidifiers for newborns are the most positive reviews.

Useful Buying

The benefits of room humidification today many say.However, young mothers, first ask themselves if they need a humidifier newborn.But after its purchase all doubts disappear.After all, this appliance helps kids to breathe and sleep soundly at night.It reduces the risk of various diseases, ranging from all sorts of allergies and ending with SARS.It remains only one question about how best to choose a humidifier for your home.

type humidifier with cold steam

This variant appeared one of the first to deal with climatic conditions in the room.The essence of his work consists of passing the room air through the moistened grid.Subsequently there are bacteria, dust, and other microorganisms.

Advantages The main advantage of such a humidifier is its low cost.In addition, replacement of the filter then would not that expensive.The electricity it consumes very little and have the opportunity to choose their own mode of operation - a low, medium, high.And a humidifier in the room of the newborn may be used, as it has no age restrictions.


course, has its drawbacks in its use, for example, the difficulty arises in the regulation of humidity.Furthermore, there is a decrease in the room temperature a few degrees due to cold vapor.Also, the low efficiency of cleaning the room, although it is fixable if you use a model with antibacterial impregnation.

type humidifier with hot steam

This humidifier for newborn reviews have been very positive.The principle of its operation is to heat water, which is converted into hot steam.


For a start value of the humidifier is small, and there is no need to constantly change the filter.What makes no extra cost.In operation, hot steam is formed, which quickly moistens the air.


Despite its profitability, spending still have to, because this option consumes a lot of electricity humidifier.Furthermore, there is a need to control the work process to avoid too wet room.It is also worth noting that the jet of hot steam can burn.Therefore, the question arises, you need a humidifier if the newborn is of this type.Although, if you abide by the rules of its use, it will be the perfect companion in the struggle for favorable climatic conditions in the room.Buying a hot steam humidifier, it is best to prefer the device with built-in hygrometer and humidistat.Otherwise you will have to separately buy these devices to control humidity.It is important to note that this option will have a great impact on children, often suffering from respiratory diseases.All thanks to the possibility of adding aromatic oils that can make the air in the house useful.The main thing is to find a special place for him, so as not to attract the attention of the child and avoid unwanted burns.

Choice ultrasonic humidifier

huge popularity today received ultrasonic humidifier.For newborns it is undesirable to use, because their lungs have a special structure.It works by ultrasonic vibrations, transforming droplet in the mist.The presence of additional filter helps clean the water.


This machine is silent, quickly creates the desired humidity in the room, the level of support given.In addition, there are many different functions - it regulate the intensity of steam sensor, showing the change of filter, automatic shut-off, and has a remote control.


cost of replacement filters is very high, that spoils the impression from this unit.Also, if you use the raw water, the furniture can stay on the white plaque.

Humidifier with ionizer

Many people know that the ionized air is very useful, so these humidifiers for newborns are the most enthusiastic reviews.It's so great to fall asleep when the room is created by the effect, after the rain.For small children is very important restful sleep.Moreover, they are almost not affected by allergies, colds do not, and do not give SARS complications.Therefore, these children grow up strong, healthy and fast throughout the study.

Cleaning Air

now commercially available humidifiers for newborns, reviews of which varied.One could have caught the machine with cold steam, others prefer hot air.Nevertheless, the problems in a child health can be serious, such as asthma or severe allergies.This complicates the lives of parents, prevents the child.Therefore, among the huge number of humidifiers have a certain category, which simply washes the air in the room.This humidifier reviews for newborns has largely recommendatory nature.After all, in addition to air purification and humidification of ionization also occurs due to UV disinfection.As a result, all viruses, bacteria simply destroyed.Of course, there are nuances in the acquisition of such a device, because its dimensions are not small and the cost is quite high.However, operation of such household appliances effectively many times.

What to consider when choosing a humidifier

purchasing appliances for humidifying the room the child, it is worth considering a few things.

1. Size of the room air and the child that it is necessary to moisten.

2. Requires immediately determine whether enhanced cleaning of the premises.

3. Should there be additional features, such as a night light, barometer.

4. water tanks to choose should be comfortable for washing.

5. It is necessary to check the availability of replacement filters, and how often they should be changed.

For those who wish to improve their lives, also have decorative options.They are sold in the form of lamps and fountains.These humidifiers for newborns have the good reviews.