When the woman saw in a dream child, why wait?

Folk traditions believe the child, what he saw in a dream, a harbinger of a diva.Little girl happy and healthy, it predicts a miracle, joyful and unexpected that come into your life.This is the most common interpretation, but there are others.Different interpretations of these images of men and women.If the child is the stronger sex dream about a new joy, the weaker sex has to remember all the nuances of the game night of the imagination, to properly determine their value.

If she dreamed child

young charmer child could dream of, and to the surprise, and shame, so say the most ancient dream books.To give an unambiguous interpretation, it is necessary to recall what exactly happened.Gives birth to a girl - to shame, nurse - to cheat, to play - a hassle.But to enjoy the kids - for an early marriage, good luck in love.For the bride dreaming of the child: a boy - a pleasant chores, girl - to treason.This is the case if the girl has no younger siblings.Perhaps it's just part of care for young relatives, so they are seen in her dreams.Then you can safely ignore the unpleasant interpretation.

When the woman saw in a dream child

For an adult member of the genus Eve child almost always promises prosperity.The woman - the keeper of the family hearth, teacher and mother, her kids cast as harbingers of happy events associated with the house.To dream of a child: a girl - to surprising events, pleasant or unpleasant, depending on the situation, the boy - a hassle.If the dream itself gloomy, filled with dark tones and emotions, life throws another problem.If the light filled all the images at night and morning brought a good mood, and the event will be followed by a pleasant and joyful.

Sick children dream ...

If the mother dreamed unhealthy child, crying, it's time to be taken for prevention.Perhaps he really threatening illness.Particularly unpleasant consequences will bring a dream in which the baby infectious disease, of course, if it is not merely a reflection of the daily fears of the mother.Then it is necessary to prepare for an unexpected blow exactly where you least expect it.Even personal relationships are not immune from trouble.It is best to consider which of the areas of your life you seem very happy, do not you deceive yourself?

And what a strange dream children

This dream is not as rare as it might seem.Infants with a full set of teeth, or speaking, as professors, children with wings and horns - such forms part of the vision at night.If a woman dreamed of a child with strange, it is best to rely on a general feeling of sleep.So, a very beautiful image can leave behind is not a nice trail.Thus, the subconscious dictates that a number is false.In which area - to analyze different parts of the dream.It happens the other way around, when sleeping dark or "dull", and in general the mood is excellent.So you suspect someone or wait unreasonably bad.Quickly get rid of negative thoughts and enjoy your happiness!Your life is filled with love and happiness!