I understand the dream what a dream dress?

Dreams - is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings and dreams.Dress as a reality and a dream - it's outerwear women.It can be an evening, bridal, formal, and so on.Let us know what dream dress according to this or that dream books.

What bedtime for us?

  1. If the dream you wear chic clothes - will live in prosperity and joy.
  2. buy it at an expensive boutique - to make peace with your friends and comrades.In principle, the purchase of dresses in a dream signifies some bright prospects in relations with others, as well as possible business transaction (successful).
  3. Sew Dress - to be seen in reality.Your efforts and labors will appreciate.

In addition, the interpretation of these dreams depends on the color of your dress.Here, for example, do you think, what a dream dress in black?Of course, a disappointment, sad news!However, there are other colors.Let us dwell on them in detail.

What dream red dress

As you know, the red - is the activity, the passion.Therefore, such a dream tells about your emotional overexcitation.As in life, dream red dress - a symbol of female sexuality, its calling and alluring behavior.Women who see such dreams in life are very restrained in relation to others and to ourselves.But not all so simple!It dreamed red dress says that the nature of women - very secretive, and breaks these things only in their dreams!According to psychologists, this is nothing but an attempt to somehow stand out among others, it is a way to express themselves loudly!

What dream white dress

According to psychologist Gustav Miller, a white dress in a dream is always associated with a wedding, so often turns to him.For example, a woman sees in the store trying on an evening dress in white, but then he says that it was a wedding, while she herself is spinning in front of a mirror in the room of the bride ... These are the "sleepy" metamorphosis, my friends!

  1. If you dream that you try on a wedding dress - in your life there was a rival.Be careful and do not trust anyone.
  2. If you dream you put it an evening dress (which does not become a wedding), then you will be a great day coming!You wake up in a good mood, all your plans are realized with a vengeance!
  3. Torn (or spots) dress white - to involuntary participation in various scandals, quarrels and squabbles!Be careful!This can damage your business reputation.

you ever wondered what a dream bride, but do not just wear white, namely the wedding dress?Let us know as soon as possible!

What dream bride

  1. dream to try on a wedding dress - for an early marriage.
  2. see themselves in someone else's bride on the wedding - for possible diseases.It is recommended to pay attention to their health.If possible, go to the doctor a complete examination.But this dream has some exceptions to the rule: if you attend the wedding of his daughter, sister or girlfriend - nothing to worry about.Dream empty.
  3. If you see herself in a wedding dress - look closely to her lover.There is a risk that he had another lady.