Compatible "Sagittarius male - female twins", when the tale is true story

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there a perfect compatibility between the signs of the zodiac of different elements?There does not exist.But close to perfect - there is, and it's compatible signs Sagittarius and Gemini.

What they fit together?Open horoscope: Sagittarius, Gemini - zodiac related to the different elements - fire and air.It would seem best to get along with each other signs of the same element - Virgo with Cancer, Leo with Aries.But no signs of different elements can also fit together like pieces of a puzzle.Let's look at what is built Compatibility "male Sagittarius - Gemini woman."

Gemini - the personification of the air element.The opinions and interests are changing every second.She - addicting nature, which lasts a couple of days, that interest flared like a torch, and cool as the ice-berg.Woman Twins - vague and elusive.It is not inclined to monogamy and may have relationships with multiple partners simultaneously.It is very erudition, has a rich supply of stories, anecdotes and interesting facts.

female twins - master for the construction of air locks.Her world - a world of mysterious and misty fantasy.It is extremely pleasant companion: a sensitive and considerate enough idea on the fly, analyzes the problem and gives good advice.But communication with it is a sense of skvoznyachka.Woman Twins skillfully keeps his distance and not let anyone into his soul.She - a living synonym for freedom and wind.

man Sagittarius - a wildfire.Ardent and straightforward, not enduring lies, he goes straight to the target.His friends - best.His family - the strongest.His house - the most comfortable.Sagittarius man is proud of all that he has.He is very active and hungry for adventure.His hobby - extreme sports and travel.He is not a lone wolf.On the contrary, Sagittarius - one of the most convivial zodiac signs.Friendly company will drag behind him like the tail of a comet.

Compatibility "Sagittarius male - female twins' friendship is strong enough.Male Sagittarius has an extensive range of interests, and will be pleased with erudite female Gemini.Their conversations, arguments, verbal skirmishes, exchanges can last for hours.

Compatibility "male Sagittarius - Gemini woman" in marriage is not just likely, as expected.Both partners - fans go "left", but that's why they will not make a scene of jealousy.They understand each other 100%.The desire for change and thirst for new experiences unite them.This is one of the few couples with common interests.Calm and self-possessed woman Gemini serve a bucket of cold water for emotional Sagittarius.Sagittarius also add liveliness cool nature of Gemini.Sagittarius propensity for leadership and dominance in the pair will periodically give rise to quarrels, as freedom-loving twins will not tolerate any reins.But the fickle nature of Gemini woman play up authoritativeness of Sagittarius.

Compatibility "male Sagittarius - Gemini woman" does not always work effectively.If the head - man Sagittarius, his subordinates will follow him through the thorns to the stars.Female twins with her lively and ebullient mind will come up with a lot of ideas on how to optimize the work of the department, and adapt it to the head of the line.If it takes a leading position, it could be in trouble.Female twins - not a leader.She does not know how to manage, or manipulate people.Will inevitably conflict with Sagittarius, which does not tolerate over a leadership itself seeks a chair in chief.