Sovmestimosmost pair of female twins and Capricorn man

Gemini and Capricorn - it is not too combined marks.The first relates to the air element, and the second - to the earth.These representatives of the zodiac different temperament and sexual nature.Capricorn protects the planet Saturn, which is not too combined with Mercury - the planet of Gemini.Therefore, such an alliance is in itself contradictory.Woman Gemini + Capricorn man - a combination complex.If they are typical representatives of their characters, such a union problem.A man will not be easy to keep in check windy, flirtatious and excitable woman.It will take her unreliable, frivolous and capricious.Therefore, the pair - Gemini and Capricorn - conflicts can not be avoided.

points of contact and the advisability of marriage

initial interest in each other, as a rule, does not last long.Conflicts arise almost immediately, and continue to grow with the development of relations.Therefore, they rarely last long.However, Gemini and Capricorn are great business partners.But only one business cooperation to build a lasting marriage difficult.Representatives of any signs of the zodiac can "get used to each 'other and overcome the contradictions.Therefore, if the relationship has a strong mutual love, then try to start a family should.If it is not, it is better to remain friends.

Contradictory temperaments

Capricorns are not just very clever.They are smart orderly.Representatives of this sign is very strong, persistent and strive for greater material prosperity and the heights of power.In this way, they systematically overcome obstacle after obstacle.Capricorns have developed analytical mind, very prudently and thoroughly plan their present and future.In the head they have a clear structure.This sign inherent conservatism, discipline and love of order.Moreover, the procedure may not only be real.The representatives of the sign, usually in the order of the head.Capricorn usually reaches its goals in maturity, at a cost of a lot of work.Gemini is capricious and unbalanced.They feel comfortable in the atmosphere changes, so seek them.In fact, such a temperament is the opposite of self-discipline, and balance conservatism Capricorn.

Family Life and Life

to earth sign such a partner, the Twins with his careless lifestyle - this ordeal.This behavior does not fit in the scheme of life of Capricorn.Because of this, there is a lot of conflict.Woman Twins freedom-loving, and this applies to all aspects of life.She is a bright creative person.If a man tries to severely limit her freedom, she would leave.As the spouse of the woman is also not ideal.Dame-Gemini does not like cooking, cleaning and household chores.Instead, she prefers to spend time with friends and talk on the phone that is not too like her earthly partner.Gemini and Capricorn - a controversial alliance with whatever side you look.


believed that children strengthen family.But not in this case.If the pair of Gemini and Capricorn child is born, it will only aggravate family discord and strife.Earth man will be shocked by the behavior of a lady who will do everything to withdraw from the education of children.Sit with your child for a woman Gemini - is torture.She does not like boredom of sitting in one place, and continually strives to be on the move.Children - this is not her element.Father Capricorn here is the exact opposite of the mother.He makes every effort to educate the children of this and spends all his free time and does its utmost to child nothing needed.The father-of Capricorn children are formed a great relationship, and they become friends.Summing up, we can say that the compatibility of Capricorn - Gemini is much lower than the average, but a union of the problematic and controversial.