Returns without a receipt - whether it's difficult

product to be returned only upon presentation of the check and the presence of the package.Many of the people in our country have heard such a phrase and make it quite ordinary for granted.Meanwhile, return the product to the store lost sales receipt - it is quite feasible idea.Of course, to make out the prospect of a return of defective items, and even without a receipt will not cause rapid enthusiasm from vendors.Moreover, there have left a lot of reasons and excuses not to do so.But the law is on your side, and if determined to know and understand their rights, the sellers of anything else does not remain how to fulfill your justified demands.

So, you bought a defective product.A check of the store you have not taken or lost.Your child of the original packaging for machines built a garage or a doll house.It would seem that everything is against you.But ... All is not lost.We study carefully the "Law on the Protection of Consumers' Rights.

Implement Returns without a receipt may be subject to a minimum of two mandatory conditions.It must be purchased no later than two weeks ago, and its presentation should remain the same.Only such goods to be exchanged.Incidentally, the loss of the package does not affect the concept of safety presentation.Next, your task is to find witnesses to the purchase, and then you can refer to their testimony.So the witness may be your relative, friend or a neighbor who was present in the store at the time of purchase and is very well remember this fact.

If you purchase the witnesses was not defective items, return an item without a receipt will be more difficult, but still real.Try to make every effort and ingenuity to confirm the fact of buying it at the store.For these purposes and will fit company store packaging and labels, or labels and various tag stamped store.Perhaps the product serial number will be recorded in the certificate store.In general, you have to pretty Prestressing mental activity.

And the last thing to do - to adjust itself accordingly.You must clearly understand that the returned goods without a receipt is unlikely to be sweet and fun adventure.Your nervous system to be stern test of strength.For you it is an isolated case, but for the employees of stores such stories are becoming commonplace.However, there are pleasant exceptions.

So you contact the seller with an urgent request for the exchange of goods or refund.The first and inviolable rule for such communication - an excerpt.Try to be persistent, without passing on the higher tone, and even more insults.If the dealer or service manager immediately refuses to meet your just demands - it does not matter.Make a claim letter to the returned goods without a receipt in writing.In the text, list all of the circumstances and proof of purchase.The claim should be short and tough enough, but to write it should be in two copies.One of them is you leave yourself a second - pass the seller.Do not forget that the seller should leave a signature or other mark in your document when receiving the claim.If you categorically denied Washington and received a written complaint, immediately contact the store owner.Most likely, the head of the trade will not bring the case to court proceedings and will meet you.

It is possible that you will try to blame the misuse of purchase.In such a situation requires an examination, preferably in your presence.And do not worry about the pay specialists.The examination must be carried out at the expense of the seller, though only if it is proved that you are properly transported, stored or operated items.But if the experts have confirmed your right, you should immediately return the money for poor quality purchase.

As you can see, the returned goods without a receipt at the manifestation of a certain share of perseverance and determination - not such a useless and hopeless occupation.