How to newsletter

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Each organization should pay particular attention to the official correspondence.After all, it is part of the image and maintains the business reputation.Newsletter - an example of one type of such correspondence, and will be discussed below is about the rules for its completion.

Typically, such letters are official in nature, are drawn up according to a standard template and have generalized the recipient (delivery is carried out on the list).By the way, once we should stipulate that the use of the pronoun "you", written with a capital letter, it is permissible for a particular treatment to only one person.In all other cases, use lower case letters: your you.

Designed newsletter current or potential partners of the organization.Information that should be communicated to the addressee, should be as informative.It is possible that this document may contain a variety of applications to the reported information.The letter should be drawn up in accordance with the generally accepted rules of proceedings.

left in the top right corner of the letter should contain details and contact information of the organization, is the author.In the case of the organization corner die should affix it, as it is the carrier of the information required.If your newsletter is initiated, specify the date and reference number.In response to a request must specify the date and number of the incoming document.The upper right corner is meant to refer to the recipient.Moreover, it was a good idea to find out personal information director of the organization - the recipient of the letter and list of his title, company name and full address of the location.

Now a little about the text.Think and enter the message subject.For example, about the exhibition, or the consideration of proposals.Start chapeau with the words: "We inform you ...", "We would like to inform you ..." and the like.Accession depends on the type of newsletter and its goals.Further, as detailed as possible, try to convey the basic idea of ​​the message.If necessary, add applications, and do not forget to list their names at the end of the letter, and enter the number of sheets attached.Completing the newsletter should be assurances of respect, as well as indicating the position and identity of the author-compiler.Mandatory signature and telephone number of the performer.

There are several types of information messages, a brief description of which is given below.

Advertising newsletter (commercial, presentation) focuses on public goods, events, services.It does not imply direct access to a particular destination, so to prepare the answer is required.The purpose of such messages - indicate any advantages or prompt for action.

letter message reflects the events are mutually interesting for both parties, in contrast to the letter of notice is only of value to the recipient.

The main purpose of the letter of notification is to inform the recipient of a public event, such as exhibitions, meetings, conferences.This newsletter is a mandatory attribute - specific details on the conditions, time and place.

Example newsletter :

Educational business center "Stella" informs on carrying out a training seminar on "Taxation of Individual Entrepreneurs", and invites you to take part in it.The program included a training seminar.The workshop is scheduled in the big hall of the administrative building of JSC "unit" on 12 January 2013.Registration will take place from 9-00, the beginning of the seminar 10-30.Address: g.Mozhaysk, Lenin street, 54. In the case of your consent urge confirm participation before January 11, 2013.For all your questions will be answered in our office or by phone 45-16-28.

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