Name day of Daniel.

Nowadays few notes name day.And few people think about what it means to this day.Meanwhile, it is quite important holiday, although it only makes sense when a person adheres to Orthodox or Catholic views.The fact that the name day - purely religious holiday.Name day of man - a day of remembrance of the saint after whom he was named in baptism.Of course, one of the saints with the same name set.But the patron of which only one is chosen.If it so happened that the baptism of a child he does not know the saint after whom he was named, he can choose a patron saint of their own - either on the basis of personal likes or according to the following practices: it is necessary in the church calendar to find the closest to the date of the birth day of memory of its namesake.This a saint and is considered the patron saint, and this day - the day of birth.Change in the future once the selection is impossible - the spiritual bond between a man and his holy remains forever.

Below we look at the days that may account for the name day of Daniel in the Orthodox calendar.It should make a reservation that it is at least the main, but not the full list of like saints.No such church calendar, which would be collected all the names of all the saints, known in the Orthodox Church.There are a lot of locally, national and foreign famous church of the saints of God, who do not know that in Russia or not surrounded vsetserkovnym reverence.Therefore, when choosing a patron can be some flexibility and consult the list of the saints, for example, Bulgarian, Serbian, Alexandria or any other Orthodox Churches.


June 5 is celebrated name day Daniel, named in memory of the eponymous martyr abbot Grehozarutskogo.During his lifetime, he was abbot of the monastery in Uglich.I accept death at the hands of the Polish-Lithuanian soldiers along with 30 monks of his monastery and 250 laity.

July 23 July - the memory of the martyr Daniel Nikopol.It took the death of the Armenian saint during the persecution of believers in Christ with the emperor Litsinija in the IV century.


September 25 birthday party celebrating Daniel, named after the monk, who died in 840.During his lifetime he was a virtuous monk who bore his monastic feat in a cave on the island of Thassos in the Aegean Sea on the territory of modern Greece.


October 4 Daniel celebrates name day, associated with the memory of its namesake, the Reverend with Shuzhgorskoy mountains.In the days of the earthly life, he was a monk, a hermit, spending their days on the said hill where the monastery was formed over time.He lived in the XVI century and was buried in his own abode.


November 25 recall Saint Daniel.Besides the fact that such a man existed about it I did not have any data, including those for which he was canonized.


December 30th - birthday party of Daniel, the prophet of the ward of the same name, the book is included in the canon of the Bible.He lived VII-VI centuries BC.e.Descended from a noble Jewish family, but also with its other fellow got into Babylonian captivity.Having Chaldean education, served at the court of King Nebuchadnezzar, and later - of Cyrus and Darius.He was famous for the gift of interpretation of dreams.


January 2 Church commemorates the holy Serbian Archbishop Daniel II.This saint lived in the XIII-XIV centuries.Came from Serbia, the Serbian king was approached.Later he became a monk and withdrew to Mount Athos, where he was abbot of a monastery.Then he was ordained a bishop and then archbishop erected in Serbia.In this rank, and he spent the last fourteen years of his life.He died in 1338.


March 17 celebrated the name day of Daniel, named in memory of the Moscow princes.This holy son of a quarter of St. Alexander Nevsky.Is the founder of Moscow's Danilovsky Monastery, where he died, he took his monastic vows in 1303.


April 30 - the memory of St. Daniel of Pereyaslavl.He became famous in monastic life.