Excavator Bagger-288: technical characteristics and photos

Excavators - heavy construction equipment created to dig.It is equipped with a bucket and cab on a rotating platform.The cabin is located on the top of the machine, it can be rotated in all directions, providing a complete overview and high mobility of the excavator.It is very important for the assembly of this action.

Cable drive mechanisms

Cable drive the excavator uses a very strong and robust steel ropes that help the machine to perform all sorts of maneuvers and movements.All functions of the hydraulic excavator carried out using a special liquid with hydraulic cylinders and motors.In connection with the operation of the linear cylinders of operation it is fundamentally different from that of the cable drive excavator.

Excavator: what is it?Who invented it?

Excavator - the most successful mechanism for working with the soil, as well as coal and other minerals.The first mention of such a giant excavating met even in the diaries of Leonardo da Vinci, who designed such a machine, and even tested it.

However, it is believed that the creator of this mechanism was still not it.Similar designs resembling current excavators, used in Ancient Egypt in the construction of various temples and great pyramids.

Types of excavators and their purpose

Excavators - a technique that is used in many activities such as digging trenches, construction of foundations, digging holes, all kinds of wood work, demolition of buildings or dams.They are also used in landscaping works for the extraction of various minerals, deepening of ponds and rivers, the overall installation of piles.

Wherever must be extracted and transported more economically and efficiently large number of useful species or common land, to get the deepest layers of the raw material used the largest bucket wheel excavators.Since the mine plan, and especially the mountains may differ materially, excavators are available in various models.Accordingly, their operation and control will be slightly different, but the essence of the tasks usually always remains unchanged.Excavators can be connected to a special conveyor bridge, and linked to a specific cargo unit.

Excavators come in different sizes, and some of them are very small and very large, but there are certain leaders who transcend the dimensions of which can not be any other machine.That mechanism is fairly difficult to move, but the amount of work they can not be surpassed by even more than a dozen small cars.

Excavator Bagger-288: history of the giant

This mechanism created by the well-known on the world market the German company Krupp for the energy and mining firm Rheinbraun, is a rotary excavator or mobile mining machines.When construction was completed (in 1978), it has been used by NASA as the crawler transporter to transport missiles "Apollo."The mechanism is made by "Marion excavator" as the largest land vehicle in the world, whose weight is more than thirteen tons.This makes both the installation and disassembly of the machine is incredibly expensive and complex.I do not live to see this huge mechanism is simply impossible to understand what the Bagger-288.

Benefits giant mechanism

excavator gigantic Bagger-288 specifications which are unique, built for remote operation of coal mining in Germany.It can lift about 240 thousand tons of coal or 240,000 cubic meters of rock per day, equivalent dug 30 meters (98 feet) in depth plot of a football field.It is incredible for other excavators who can not perform such work, and half a day.Coal mined them for one day fills 2400 wagons carrying raw materials to factories for reprocessing.Bagger operation requires 16.56 megawatts of externally supplied electricity.This allows it to move at a speed of 2 to 10 meters per minute (0.1 to 0.6 km / h).Chassis its main section is 46 meters (151 feet) wide.The large surface area makes the giant caterpillars ground pressure Bagger-288 is very small (17.1 N / cm 2 or 24.8 pounds per square inch).This allows the excavator to move freely on the gravel, earth and even grass, leaving significant traces, which is very important when working with rocks.Initially, this was planned excavator wheels for greater mobility of its movement, but at the first test this idea has suffered a catastrophic defeat, as the machine there and then collapsed, unable to withstand its own weight.Caterpillars become the best solution to this problem.In the future it is planned to replace them with a cushion of air, which further reduces the pressure on the surface by an excavator.Turning radius Bagger-288 up to 100 meters, which is a very good indicator when working with minerals which are mined - an extremely time-consuming affair.

Achievements excavator

by February 2001 Bagger-288 completely clean source of coal in the mine and began Tagebau there is no longer needed.It was decided to move it to another shaft.Three weeks excavator made dvadtsatidvuhkilometrovuyu trip Tagebau Garzweiler, passing on the highway 61, on the road crossing the railway track and a few dirt roads route.This trip was worth almost 15 million DM and demanded the command of seventy workers have complete control over the movement of the excavator.For crossing the river were built large steel water pipes, through which it can pass unhindered.Above them they were filled with stones and gravel.Special grass was sown, to smooth the passage of an excavator for particularly valuable areas.Despite the enormous costs of the movement of Bagger-288, this way of moving it was more economical than the complete dismantling and moving of parts that would require a lot of equipment and even more time.

Advantages unique mechanism

Bagger-288 is part of a group of similar-sized excavators.It consists Bagger-281 (built in 1958), Bagger-285 (1975), Bagger-287 (1976), Bagger-293 (1995) and other aggregates.

Bagger-288 was shown in 2012 in the movie "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance", where Ghost Rider (main character) will use it to conquer their enemies.

Being known as a huge machine, excavator even sung a few songs of American groups.Many people see this unit immediately wonder: "Bagger-288 - what is it?"After all, the mere sight of this incredibly large machine inspires everyone who sees it, the horror and awe.

Such a huge robust design requires special care.More than twenty workers are engaged only in maintenance of the excavator.Every two months, the entire mechanism should be lubricated, because the cost of repairs in case of damage is simply colossal.Every movement must be designed and planned, especially when it comes to hazardous unstable mines, in order that there was something to hurt or demolished.After all, it can cause damage to both work and the machine itself.

Instead of conclusion

This unique mechanism - not just a shovel, for some people it is a lifetime.Today, many are interested excavator Bagger-288.Where is now this giant, unfortunately, is not known.