How to make glass painting stained glass paints

Today painting on glass can be done with acrylic and stained glass paints.These two areas differ greatly from each other not only material used, the stages of the work, but the end result.First of all, consider the kinds of stained glass colors, how to make glass painting stained glass paints.

Types stained glass paints

Stained glass paints for painting - clear and bright.They are of two types:

  • fired.
  • Neobzhigaemye.

If it is desired to obtain a solid coating, and thus the product will sustain a glass baking in the oven, it is possible to use Immolation stained glass colors, and if the product is fine and will not sustain burning, then, accordingly, should be applied neobzhigaemye stained glass paint.

How is glass painting stained glass paints

In order to properly carry out this work, we also need to outline paint - autlayner, or a special pen, rubber gloves.

Step by step instruction of painting on glass

  • Choose glass vase, which write out stained glass paints.
  • it will wash dishwashing liquid and wipe dry with a towel, then - degreased (alcohol).
  • contours liked figure on the vase portable pencil or felt-tip pen for painting.
  • In order to properly make a glass painting stained glass paint, you should ensure that all the contours of the selected pattern (with the color) were closed, otherwise the paint mixed, and the work will take place in vain.
  • Autlaynerom conduct relief line along the contour of the figure, its thickness should not exceed 0.5 - 0.7 mm.Also note that if autlayner hold high the paint (circuit) will not fall on the image, and if autlayner keep low, the circuit will go to bed shortly, so I have to pick up the average distance between the surface of the vase and autlaynerom.
  • Take paint for painting on glass and fill them design (one color, making sure that all the contours of the figure were closed).
  • When the paint (neobzhigaemaya) dries, rinse aid product varnish.
  • If searing paint used, the product must be burned in the oven (firing temperature, see the instructions to the paint).

How is glass painting acrylics

Just looks beautiful painting with acrylic paints that are opaque, they are easy to mix, get a nice shades, shadows and unusual colors.Especially beautiful it looks when producing glass painting - stained glass windows in the style of one stroke (one stroke), in this case, take two colors (the same time), and at once applied to the surface of stained glass: are obtained intricate leaves, swirls, lines.After drying, the product should be covered with acrylic paint (for the stability of paint and gloss).With this technique there is no need to use the circuit.

Conclusion As you can see - glass painting stained glass colors, as well as acrylic paints - business simple and requires no special skills, of course, to painting was a success, you need to be patient and careful work with paints.