"Hyundai Porter": technical specifications, photos, reviews and price

What should be the city truck?It must be small in size, but at the same time be quite roomy, agile and powerful enough.Under this description is perfect "Hyundai Porter."

latest generation

fourth generation of mini-truck was presented in January 2004 in Korea.They immediately became interested entrepreneurs engaged in cargo transportation, since the car is largely superior to its competitors.

The first and foremost advantage of the car "Hyundai Porter" - a willingness to work in a dense traffic flows with frequent parking and maneuvering, which is very important for city driving.Mini truck can be used to transport various goods.Another advantage is the variability of the car: it is available in several trim levels with different platforms, which allows you to choose the correct version.

second major advantage is the high quality of its build.The basis for the mini-truck is a reliable frame construction.The car has a spacious triple cabin, which is located under the engine "Hyundai Porter" and chassis mounted on a multi-section frame, which is made of stainless steel.This arrangement will ensure trouble-free operation of a vehicle over the years.Reduced loading height facilitates loading and unloading of goods.

third advantage of the mini-truck - his comfort.It may seem that this feature plays a secondary role for the truck, but it is not.Any driver who spends more than eight hours a day behind the wheel, seriously tired, so Koreans have given the issue more attention to the comfortable ride.

Interior and exterior

With the fourth generation "Hyundai Porter" more changes happened inside.Outside, the car has changed little.Basic equipment "Hyundai Porter" (refrigerator) includes gidrouselitel steering wheel, heated side mirrors, central locking, air conditioning, electric windows, two "spare wheel" and a tool box.It should also be noted that the value of "Porter" significantly below many trucks of this segment.

Though in the car and has three seats, but can comfortably accommodate two people only.If necessary, the average seat can be transformed into a table, which is very practical.Designated driver and passenger leg model developers provided with a margin.

Interior decoration and equipment of the cabin give the impression that you are in the car.Of particular note is the high quality of the assembly parts of the interior, which is a rarity truck.The car is equipped with a comfortable seating area with sufficient lateral support, even for this class of car, it does not matter.Inside, there is a cheap, but pleasant to the touch plastic.

Controls cars "Hyundai Porter" are simple and intuitive.Three-spoke steering wheel does not obstruct readable dashboard, as often happens.Management is carried out by setting the air conditioner slide switches.The developers have provided a lot of niches and versatile glove box, where the driver can save the card, and other documents.

Compared with its predecessor, the new items have increased glass, fog lights, side mirrors and doors.This has contributed to improving the visibility of the driver.

From all this it follows that the designers decided not to change the appearance and interior decoration work on the mini-truck "Hyundai Porter."

engine, transmission, suspension

All vehicles sold in the domestic market, equipped with turbo diesel with 5-speed manual transmission.This tandem provides a small car fuel consumption.On the 100 km road average consumption in the combined cycle ride is 10-11 liters of diesel fuel.Gear changes occur smoothly and clearly.

front of the vehicle is equipped with separate springs and rear - dependent spring suspension.On the rear wheels mini truck mounted drum brakes, and front - disc.Practice shows that the vehicle is fit to drive on our roads.The suspension works perfectly, "swallowing" small and medium-sized bumps, without causing discomfort to the driver.It should be noted that the characteristics of this model - a rarity for a truck.

"Hyundai Porter."Specifications


South Korea





Displacement cm3


Engine power, hp / rev.min.


maximum speed, km / h








consumption per 100 km

10,5 l

Total length mm




Height mm


Clearance, mm


Gross Weight,


tank capacity, l


the road

Turn the ignition key is not accompanied by "roar" of the diesel engine, as often happens on such vehicles.The driver will feel a slight tremor.The car "Hyundai Porter" agile and frisky.It is easy to start even on the rise.

truck has good handling, quick to respond to the helm or pedal.Among the disadvantages it should be noted mirrors with "short" visibility: the left lane when overtaking is not fully visible.

Even the most downloaded "Porter" goes fast and easy.The driver hardly feels the gravity of the car.The small size give the impression that you are inside the normal "light vehicles".


The car has a number of advantages:

  • ability to control the driver to category "B" (passenger cars);
  • small capacity makes it possible to pass where another truck travel is prohibited;
  • excellent maneuverability and adaptability to a saturated city traffic thanks to a decent turning radius of 4.7 m;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • Receive body;
  • low loading height and the tailgate;
  • rugged steel frame;
  • quiet operation of the engine;
  • rare breakdown.


Disadvantages mini truck:

  • mirrors with "short" visibility;
  • location of the battery in a prominent place, which greatly increases the likelihood of theft.

"Hyundai Porter" - great for urban freight related to the conduct of small and medium-sized businesses.The vehicle has a number of advantages over similar products in the segment, making it an attractive choice.Korean automaker did everything to the driver focused on the road and not be distracted by extraneous noise, discomfort and low controllability of the vehicle.