PTO - an important detail

drive for loading and unloading transport units need to use additional power sources PTO.One or more types of devices transmit an operating force from the motor to the actuators.There need PTO (PTO).

Selecting COM

The type of additional equipment and the estimated range of tasks depends ROM.Taking into account the optimal operation of the quality, simpler installation, lower the total cost of the box with the installation work.Depending on the application, is connected to the COM drivers of different types, which transmit force to the work unit requiring power.Specifications for optional equipment determine which machine is best suited.Since the interaction with COM powertrain is critical, power take-off must be constructively aligned with the motor and CPR.

  • use of high pressure in the system used to reduce the size of piping and hydraulic pumps that saves space and reduces weight.
  • direct connection to the pump reduces the cost of installation of the box.
  • larger gear ratio in ROM allows lower engine speeds, which reduces noise and reduces fuel consumption.

PTO dependent type

dependent PTO clutch mounted on the manual transmission.Using them is possible only when the engine is idling.They are easy to install and have a low weight.Takeoff driven by an intermediate shaft manual gearbox is attached to the back of the transmission case.Speed ​​with a power output of the engine revolutions are determined and the gear ratio CPR.Clutch-dependent power take-off can be activated by a pneumatic motor idling.Clutch-dependent power take-off is suitable if special vehicles equipped with manual transmission, and there is no need to select it on the go.

Benefits dependent system dependent

  • ROM weigh less than independent.
  • No overrun of engine power due to the fact that the hydraulic oil is not pumped continuously in the system, as is the case regardless of the PTO clutch.
  • simple and robust design, the required minimum maintenance and can achieve low-cost installation.Inability to turn on the PTO when the vehicle can be considered an advantage in terms of safety.

Model dependent ROM for domestic cars

  • PTO KamAZ, mounted to the upper hatch gearbox: MP02, MP03, MP08, MP27, Mn55.
  • the right edge hatch KP: MP01, MP05, MP07, MP15, LA21, MP22, MP29, MP41, MP50, MP57, MP73, MP74.
  • To the left side hatch KP: MP39.
  • To the rear end KP: MP23, MP28, MP47, MP48.
  • hatch to the upper transfer case: MP24, MP32.
  • PTO GAZ, mounted to the right side hatch KP: MP01, MP05, MP07, MP15, MP29, MP41, MP73, MP74, MP82.

to the old model GAZ-53

GAZ-53 truck was the most massive of the USSR.Its chassis was produced and buses, in particular tankers.To operate the pump at a gasoline tank truck mounted PTO GAZ-53, bolted to the right side of the hatch 4-speed gearbox.By the pump rotation is transmitted through the universal joint.Inclusion - mechanical.Modification 53b-4202010-08 connected slots, and 53b-4202010-09 connected flanges.The maximum transmit power is very small: 9.42 kW.

PTO independent type

independent PTO clutch can be mounted on cars with the powertrain of any type.Include it can be when moving and stationary equipment.Independent PTO also suitable for inclusion on the outside of the car.For vehicles that require continuous access to the PTO clutch complete independence is the only solution.

For manual transmission: power take-off is driven by the engine flywheel is mounted between the engine and manual transmission.The value of speed and power controls only the power unit.PTO have electropneumatic / hydraulic system incorporating adapted friction clutch.

For automatic gearbox: PTO is mounted on top of the front of the gearbox.The effect is a flywheel of the engine via the torque converter, which with the help of strong pinion transmits the drive force to the PTO.Therefore ROM does not affect the frequency of rotation of the inverter.Enabling PTO produces electric and hydraulic systems, including while driving.

Independent clutch

Set box on the engine.Included in the work-driven camshaft engine.This means that when the motor is running COM operates independently, moving or transport costs.Activation hydrodrive carried trap valve set on the hydraulic pump.

Models independent

  • KOM KOM KamAZ, mounted to the right side hatch KP: MP121-4202010, MP119-4202010, MP123-4202010.
  • To the left side hatch KP: MP114-4202010.
  • To the rear end KP: MP105-4206010.

Installation boxes MAZ

On manual transmission PTO MAZ mounted left or right.Location affects the direction of the output shaft, hence the placement of the pump hydro.With rubber linings, metallic linings and paronitovye regulated by the distance between the gears.The first test launch of the installed capacity of the box the torque to be low.The teeth of the gears must get used.