The advantage of the banknote counter Neo Pro 40

Counters of banknotes needed to recalculate, sort, and to check the money.Without banknote counters can not do, where you need every day to count large amounts of money.Read large amounts of money - it's a waste of time, moreover, the money should also be sorted and checked for authenticity.Many believe the money - tedious and difficult, especially painstaking work is considered if small denomination bills, and need to be considered a large number.Confusion in the counting can make a different denomination, as well as currency from around the world, in this case to calculate the bills without meter is necessary.Counters of banknotes have many useful additional functions which considerably simplify the counting and sorting of banknotes.

Where and how to use banknote counters

For banks, banknote counters are absolutely indispensable equipment.Buying banknotes counting machine, the bank saves time counting, checking, totalizing cash.The site available with the characteristics of cash registers, as well as its purchase.Such an intimate affair, as the conversion costs money to entrust professional equipment, the reliability of which there is no reason to doubt.

on the market of banking equipment Banknote Counter Pro 40 Neo became a true breakthrough.The main advantage - it is a stable job.With Banknote Counter Pro 40 Neo is very pleasant to work, it quiet, even at the time of their active work.And what it is not least because it is the reasonable price of the banknote counter, making it the mega popular in the market of banking equipment.Where to find their place a counter - at the box office, where the average volume of bills, but I think you need a lot.This machine not only calculate bills around the world, but as a result will be able to summarize and make them packing.This counter can pack up the bills as follows: 100, 50, 25, 20 and 10 pieces.

Banknote Counter has an infrared sensor, it is possible to check for the ultraviolet spectrum.In the presence of a magnetic detection counter.Given the inherent optical density meter, we can say that as a result of double counting excluded bills.The sensitivity of detection of a three-level: very high, normal and low enough.With counter work comfortably, it is extremely compact size and contrast display.If you find a suspicious bill, the counter will inform about the discovery by means of sound and a bright display.

Banknote Counter Pro 40 Neo compact, and its contemporary design allow it to be positioned in the different interior of any office.Weight machines only 4 kg, the guarantee from the manufacturer - 6 months.That such an oversized item can considerably save time and effort of employees of any company cash sector.
Another plus banknote counter Pro 40 Neo - this performance, which can not be forgotten.The counter of this class can work continuously for several hours.