Where and how to plant cancers?

Anyone who even once tried crawfish meat, knows what it is tasty and tender.Currently, the breeding of fauna in Russia almost mastered.Nevertheless, the demand for the product is high.Some villagers manage to make a good fishing crabs in their natural habitat, however, so they have a negative impact on the natural populations of these animals.This fishing is inherently poaching.Even before the revolution in Russia has successfully engaged in breeding of crayfish in an artificial environment.The resulting meat was exported to many European countries.The current situation is such that the main suppliers of the product on the world market - Turkey, China and Spain - countries where previously no cancers were performed.


divorce crayfish in the ponds?To begin, clean the pond if it silted or swamped.Keep away from cancers carp, carp and other non-predatory fish.However, keep in mind that such a business would suffer with the arrival of winter.This is due to the fact that cancers tend to hibernate if the temperature falls below fifteen degrees Celsius.In a state of suspended animation, they cease to consume food and, therefore, does not increase the weight.If the pond and all chilled to the bottom of your pets die.

However, many businesses are wondering about how to breed crayfish in the ponds because these waters are the most resistant aqua systems, self-cleaning and self-renewal.Thus there is good opportunity to save money on feed, filters and aerators.Cancers are happy to feed on plankton, algae and insect larvae.The disadvantage is that the increase in the natural environment of these animals takes place fast enough.Trading mass recruited about in the fifth year of life.Thus, the business will start to generate revenue in just six years.Attractively that initial investment is practically not required.


divorce cancers at home?You will need an aquarium with a capacity of at least two hundred and fifty liters (frameless).At the bottom of the container, pour the ground, and place where rocks and driftwood (your pets are hiding behind them).

divorce cancers home so that they do not hibernate?To do this, it is important to make sure that the water temperature fluctuated insignificantly and was not below fifteen degrees Celsius.Furthermore, it is important to ensure quality filtering and aeration fluid.Under such circumstances, it allowed an increase of planting density of animals up to three hundred and fifty individuals per square meter.

The only drawback of the described business are its small volumes.Industrial scale is difficult to achieve because of the limited area of ​​breeding.However, some owners have figured out how to breed crayfish in a tank to get maximum profit.At home, they grow to the larva "fingerlings" and then release them in a natural or artificial reservoir.This solution manages to organize a successful business.But how to breed crayfish at home to minimize the losses?In the first place should be control over the quality of water.In this case, not so much die larvae, moreover, they grow much faster.


divorce cancers home if you do not want to clutter the living room a huge aquarium?Use your basement.For most people, it plays the role of storage of unnecessary things, but for you would be the way to get money.If necessary, insulate the basement need to cancers do not fall into hibernation at low temperature water.For the organization of lighting the lamp buy two hundred watts of power and hang it in the center of the ceiling.Equip basement tiered racks to accommodate aquariums.After completion of the preparatory work it's time to ask about how to breed crayfish.

Where to Buy Buy

larvae easy.Most likely, you will have to grow their own young.Buy cancers can be even in the supermarket.For every male should fall on two females.In autumn it is time to begin pairing.In late spring the females can be easily visually distinguished from males by the presence of eggs under the tail.A kilo of these animals can cost you the amount of three hundred to five hundred rubles.And even such small expenses can be avoided, catch crayfish in the pond on their own.

The feed

How to breed crayfish that they actively gain weight?To do this, it is important to arrange for them to quality nutrition.Crayfish prefer earthworms, insect larvae and small snails.In an artificial environment, they will not give up steamed and crushed beans, boiled potatoes and grated carrots.These products must make a big part of the diet of animals.Will serve as a valuable source of protein, meat and fish.How to breed crabs, avoiding mistakes in the process of feeding?Expect daily rate of food animals.It should be 2% of their weight.

Features reproduction

Mating takes place in September and October.Males are capable of fertilizing up to two females in a row.If they will fall a third, they simply eat.This fact is due to the optimum ratio of individuals of different sex in the water (two females to one male).

First caviar is an animal under the shell.After postponing it secured under the tail.To properly developed embryos, the female constantly washes the eggs, thus effectively clearing it.Two months going pecking maggots.Another three weeks they rest under the tail of the female to avoid many dangers.After this time, quite independent crustaceans leave the cozy haven for all.The natural habitat of each female can grow up to twelve larvae.More than twenty offspring a year she can not be.As for the home environment, this number actually tripled.


Young copepods in the first twelve months of his life shed eight times.In the next two years they will have to go through it before seven to nine times.Adults shed much less often - once or twice every 12 months.During this period the old shell is simply dumped, as it becomes a tight fit for the growing animal.

divorce cancers right?We must pay special attention to them during the molting when the animal is particularly vulnerable to attack not only the predatory fish and birds, but also their relatives.


main ills of cancers can be divided into infectious and invasive.The agents of the latter are parasites (most often microsporidia, branhiobdelly, trematodes and metatsirkorii).The most dangerous infectious diseases - plague, and burn disease.They develop under the influence of various pathogenic fungi.In addition, the business can suffer from reduced livestock, which occurred due to overfeeding, lack of filtration and aeration, abrupt change in water temperature.

Places breeding

If you are serious and plan to turn the crayfish breeding in a highly profitable business, it is advisable to organize the farm.Only in this way will be able to set up production of tasty products on a commercial scale.This will require the following:

- incubation tanks. It is very important that they are equipped with powerful heaters, compressors and filtration system.

- Pools where bred crayfish, which have become independent individuals. There they must grow to fingerling stage.

- Covered ponds. There should be at least two, but it is better to try to organize more.Thus, the business will grow faster.The minimum area of ​​the pond should be 25 square meters.m and depth - 2 m. Note that in ponds elongated better gas exchange occurs.It is recommended that water was flowing in them.That is why it is important to close a river.If this is not possible on your farm drilled several water wells.

At the bottom of bodies of water is required to place a shelter for crabs.They can serve as pieces of pipes made of plastic or ceramic, stones, driftwood, etc.

important point

Which cancers is better to plant?On the territory of the Russian Far East and the most common European species.Second most commonly used on an industrial scale.They are divided into long-toed and shirokopalyh.The latter are the most valuable kind.It is their abdomens in cooking called "crawfish."However, keep in mind that this species is listed as endangered, so it is better to plant long-toed crayfish.Thus you will avoid problems with the control authorities.

more isolated lake and river crayfish.The first are most suitable for home based business because they do not hibernate and can reach impressive sizes.However, there is one drawback: lake crayfish are very capricious.For their successful breeding and content need a warm room area of ​​not less than twenty square meters.Crayfish are not so demanding, but are smaller, respectively, and they are not so expensive.

When purchasing animals have overlooked the fact that in the same pond do not live crabs of different species.

Hut not only for beds

Equipping the pond in the garden, keep in mind that cancers are very important to have a hole.That is why the pond should be with clay banks and rocky bottom.It is important that it was on your territory, then be able to control the process of breeding and protect animals from criminal attacks.

divorce cancers in the country?If the site is large enough, it is better to arrange three or four of the pond.Of course, you can do on their own, but it is much easier to work with a shovel handle.Take the tools and make the necessary equipment.Upon completion of this phase of work, think about the improvement of water bodies.Bottom of better shelter and sprinkle them with stones river sand.On the edge of the pond will land grass (field or garden).

Then proceed to the organization of sanitation.To this may be a conventional pipe which closes the top valve.On the tube put the net, so that cancers were not able to leave the body of water by a peculiar tunnel.

most exciting time - filling the pit with water, and the launch of the first cancers.Now comes the period of constant concern for the habitat of animals.Do not forget to change the water every two to three weeks.It is best to update the pond about a third, not much to disrupt the steady climate.

profitable to breed crayfish?

For at least one ton of these animals a few years, you will need to purchase about six individuals.The main costs fall to the launch period.They are about 120 thousand. Rub.equipment reservoirs and 50 th. rub.for the purchase of young animals.When you attach two hundred thousand rubles you earn your first million about two years.Of course, this is only a rough estimate.In fact, income depends on selling prices.Also, keep in mind that the more crabs, so they are more expensive.

How to sell?

No problems with the points of sale - one of the main advantages of this business.The fact that at the present time, competition in this sphere is low, and it is a constant deficiency of cancers.Your item may be interested in the many restaurants, cafes and bars.They usually prefer to wholesale suppliers.

Did you know that the salted caviar crayfish almost as good as red in taste and nutritional qualities?It is also possible to focus in the search for buyers.In addition, various types of production widely used by their surprising properties chitin shells examined animals.

Conclusion We examined in detail the question of how to breed crayfish.This business is profitable, but do not expect instant profits.Proper organization of the environment and good care of the cancers - the key to success.