The company's products "VKS- Term"

today without appliances simply can not do, they are widely used at home and at proizvodstve- is electric heaters, electric heaters and the titans of water, electric cooler and heater pechki-, grinder, microwave ovens.Main heating elements are heating elements in them, which are divided into categories: the water for distillers, air type, for heating the air in the room, and the heating elements in the double PTFE membrane.

heating elements for industrial use

This category includes heating elements for water distillers, air, finned heating air in a double envelope, with PTFE-coated heating elements.Water heating elements are made of durable material- it may be copper, brass and stainless steel, they are used in home appliances and industrial facilities.Heating elements for distillers made only of stainless steel, and the attachments are made from a durable alloy carbon steel.Such devices are often installed in medical institutions.Electrical heating elements of different types are manufactured by 'VKS- Therm. "On its website you can get acquainted with the products of the company, make an order.

to industrial tenam also include elements to heat the ambient air.They are made of durable carbon steel, installed in electric heaters, heat guns, and heaters, heater, drying chambers.Heating elements to heat the air can have a straight shape, rounded, bent at different angles.On industrial sites in aggressive media elements used in the shell, they are more reliable, have a long life span, made of solid stainless steel with a diameter of 16 millimeters and 18.5.With PTFE coated heating elements installed in the tank with a solution of alkali or acid.Field use them rather broad: it's medical facilities, chemical industry, fuel and petroleum industry, chemical industry.

company supplies also spare parts for water heaters, household appliances.So there is a large selection of parts for washing is mashin- resistances, pumps, bearings, belts, seals, solenoid water supply shock, there is a large set of capacitors of different types, as well as handles, hinges, switches.For household electric stoves and ovens online, you can find heating elements, burners, regulators, thermostats, gas burners.Here too you can buy electric hotplates for cookers catering, heating elements for any equipment in catering.I guess we all have at home housewives chopper.Over time, the blades it deleted, and the meat is bad tupyatsya scrolls, replacing the old parts with new ones, it will start again to work well.The company supplies parts for both domestic grinders and large industrial.