How to choose a children's bike tricycle with handle

Caring for the comfort and safety of their child, parents want the best for him to choose the means of transportation.Of course, for a walk with the kids to a year they will be comfortable and spacious pram.However, the process of growing up reveals several new features and one year old toddler may transfer to a modern three-wheeled bicycle, equipped with a special handle for parents.On the peculiarities of this transport and the choice will be discussed in this article.

First, we should mention the obvious advantages of bicycle bulky clumsy wheelchair.Dimensions and weight of the vehicle allow, without any particular problems to lower him into the street, even if your house is no lift.This is especially important if you go out for a walk several times a day.Also, a three-wheeled bike is quite compact, which significantly saves space in the apartment.A self-pedaling positive impact on the shape of the baby.Simply put, the bike will be the best solution for walks in autumn and spring.

choosing a children's bike tricycle, pay special attention to the handle for parents, because it is this element breaks before the rest.Try to estimate its durability, as well as the possibility of replacement or repairs.Typically, large children's products stores offer their customers a pen suitable for almost all models of bikes.To extend the life of the part, it is necessary to try to limit the load on it - to overcome obstacles lift the vehicle behind the wheel, pushing him over the back of the seat and footrest.The size of the handle also has important value - tall parents should choose a children's bike tricycle with handle to be adjusted, or you may get tired of the spin.If the compact vehicle is important to you, look for instances where the handle can be removed without the use of additional tools.

Almost all current models of tricycles for children equipped with a special footrest, designed for tots who can not yet do pedal.It is important that it is the most reliable and stable, did not allow children's feet slipping off - it can lead to serious injury.When the child grows up and is ready for independent torsion pedals, footrest can be removed.

The kids and a half to two years may be useful limiter seat that will protect your baby from slipping and falling out.It is an elongated tube extending around the seat.A special fabric stop passing between the legs of the crumbs, it will provide additional fixation.

often Tricycles can have a canopy from the sun and rain, a removable basket for things and toys, music and gaming panel.All of these additional accessories will walk more cheerful, pleasant and long.

last tip: the determining factor in choosing a model should be the opinion of the baby.Look closely at a few suitable options, show them crumbs, let sit in them.Even a year-old toddler will let you know what Tricycles it more to their liking.