Spanish day RFW

traditional "foreign" day of RFW this year was dedicated to the works of Spanish fashion.Five nine designers and manufacturers of shoes and accessories have brought their works in Moscow and submitted them as part of Russian Fashion Week.

Dal Bat & amp;Antonio Garcia

Brands Dal Bat & amp;Antonio Garcia presented a joint show, united by a common mood and priority color collections - black.

And both brands are doing fine, comfortable and beautiful pret-a-porte, which promises to hide figure flaws of lush skirts, layered ruffles and purple ribbons.

Flex, square neckline and high waist show the collective gravity of Spanish designers to the high waist and historical reasons collections.

El Caballo

brand El Caballo, like many European brands with a noble history, first specialized in the production of horse saddles and harnesses.

This "cavalry" past significantly and now: new designer brand, worked for three years in Paris and occupy El Caballo just over a year, trying to adapt tradition to modernity, and this season was inspired by cowboy way of Rita Hayworth in the film "Trouble in Texas".

whip, plaid shirts, knitted leggings - all very comfortable and practical options for everyday wardrobe.Individual attention, the original architectural berets and cute clutches.

Designer Shoes From Spain

nine leading manufacturers staged a joint fashion show with arhizadachey make Russian clients to buy the Spanish footwear and accessories.

Sami mark (Acosta, Alima, Chie Mihara, Myriam Gallego, Puntotres, Pura Lopez, RAS, Rebeca Sanver, Sinela) while in Russia is not very well known, but the power of persuasion of Spanish manufacturers, coupled with the excellent quality of their products, heralds their considerablepopularity.

Isabel de Pedro

One of the elders of the Spanish fashion and the most winning Spanish designer Isabel de Pedro shown at Fashion Week is already 5 times, well sold in Russia and addresses their work strong women with a sense of humor.

This time, after a series of collections devoted to Russian, and Vietnamese Basque motifs, Isabel de Pedro chose wine as the starting point of his graphic interpretations.

This alcoholic subjects realized in the colors - mostly scarlet and purple, print a vine and layering abundance trend.

appropriate collection combines all the findings of the international season, which wander from the catwalk to the podium which week in a row.

Disclaimer skinny jeans, slacks joy of returning to the style of the 70s, the phenomenon of overalls, the abundance of lush skirts, wide belts and accessories, adorned with bows - all this once again been demonstrated by the Russian-Spanish podium.

Armand Bassi

Armand Bassi, known not only for its comfortable relaxed style, but also a successful line of perfume "In Red" and "In Blue", that day was the last Spaniard on the podium RFW.

brand has remained true to his style, and because the group "Roots" by serving as models, proudly took to the catwalk cute striped sweater and practical parks.

Hits women's collection - gray knitted sweaters to the smell, the gray leather jacket with zippers and vests with light purple prints.

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