BTI Documents: explication - a ...

Translated from the Latin "explication" - this "interpretation", "explanation".This word is widely used in various fields of activity: work as a director, mapping, architecture, museum business.For example, in the latter case, the explication - a pointer to the text explanations of the exhibits.Often, they are placed next to the exhibitor objects.

Director's explication - is mostly notes, ideas, details of future performance or film.Director of photography is also making its explanation in the form of drawings (lighting scheme, storyboards, etc.), and thus represents a sound graphic display track.

The architecture of explication - a kind of background material on the organization of space that must be present in the project documentation.In other words, it is nothing like the explanation to the symbols in the drawing, deciphering the list of rooms and their purpose, description of technical characteristics.

Basically explication - a table, which is placed in the drawing.Either it issue a separate document which is legally binding.The architectural project explication is included in the explanatory note.This document is very important, especially when the unauthorized alteration of room layout and further legalization.Or to conduct commercial transactions with the object, such as the purchase, sale, exchange, donation and so on.In such a case requires explication of BTI.

This document contains information according to size and layout of the existing premises specified in the data sheet.If redevelopment was carried out, all changes to the legal procedure must be recorded and entered into the explication.

procedure to legitimize carried out by experts from the Bureau of Technical Inventory.The landlord applies to the BTI, and in due time the inspectors, inspection of premises and measurements of the relevant areas.All changes are recorded and entered into the initial draft.Further, usually within a month it issued a new data sheet premises, which is valid for one year.This service is paid.

If considered an apartment or house, explication - is detailed information on the total area of ​​housing and a separate description of each room.At the same point:

  • useful space (living rooms);
  • area of ​​the apartment, which includes a living area, and the area of ​​outbuildings (excluding porches, balconies, closets, etc. N.);
  • total area, including and unheated room uninhabitable.

This document includes specifications.In this case, the explication - is the character of the building structure and the list of the materials from which it is made, from the basement and finishing the roof.For interior contains information on the walls and ceilings, communications, technical equipment and so on.All the rules of preparation are described in the explication of the normative document entitled "Rules for execution of architectural drawings", GOST 21,501 - 93SPDS.