How to do without a paint Hair: practical tips

Change the color of the hair can not only with a special paint.This can be used natural products.This is what we will discuss in this article and tell you how to do without a paint dark hair.

staining through natural means

advantages of such coloring is quite obvious.First, the hair begins to grow better.Secondly, its structure is not disturbed.Thirdly, vitamins and minerals strengthens hair and makes them stronger.

How do without a paint dark hair ?

  • Use the bark of oak and coffee.For the preparation of tinctures need 2 tablespoons of dry extract and a glass of boiling water.We are waiting for 10-15 minutes, then filtered and diluted with freshly brewed strong coffee.That means you need to clean, washed hair rinse.To get a darker shade, you must repeat the procedure several times.
  • Linden flowers will also help to give your hair a darker shade.To prepare the broth will need 2 tablespoons of dry inflorescences and a glass of boiling water.The broth must be kept for about 20 minutes on a steam bath.Then we filter it, put on the head about half an hour and wash off.
  • How do without a paint dark hair?You can also use the leaves of the walnut, which is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water.The infusion applied to the hair, after it strain, and wait up to 15 minutes.After that wash hair with running water.

staining with henna and Basma

If you use henna alone, the hair will become red or golden color, depending on the original color of hair.Basma gives them a darker shade, after repeated use, even black.It may well be used together with henna, if you want to get the tone from dark red to dark brown as well as individually.These funds are very popular, because really effectively color the hair, and further nourish them.

staining with tea and coffee

following methods to change the colors used for rinsing.If you're wondering how to do without a paint dark hair, feel free to experiment with tea and coffee.To prepare the rinse aid, we need 5-6 teaspoons of tea (if we want to get the tea shade) or coffee (if we are interested in a darker color) and a glass of water.Mix ingredients and kept the fire after boiling for about 20 minutes.The same time you need to hold a decoction on the hair after you cool it.By the way, the tea should be used baikhovi black.Also, to give a red-brown color in the same way you can prepare a Chinese or Indian.So now you know how to dye your hair without paint.The methods described above are not only simple, but useful, unlike the conventional chemical means.However, it is important to understand that herbal hair dye may be the first time and did not give the desired shade, which means that the procedure should be repeated.And to maintain the color it is necessary to perform several times a month.