How to tie a hook neck .How to tie a neck crochet beautifully .Tying hook neck : scheme

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The problem of treating open cuts facing all products needlewoman.Consider, for example, how to tie a hook neck in several ways.It is also proposed gradually analyze circuit patterns and ornaments to trim the edges.

Skins neck

rough edge can be finished by one of several ways.Here are the main options as a hook neck tie and decorate the product:

  • narrow fringe (no more than 0.5-1.5 cm).Narrow edging or hem is ideal for light, openwork and children's clothes.
  • border, turning into a collar (from 5-8 up to 15-20 cm).It can be combined with all types of products.
  • wide finishing Ornament (from 1.5 to 4.5 cm).Most often used in the design of the neck and the edges of the sleeves of jumpers and pullovers of the average thickness of the yarn.

sometimes needlewoman beginners do not know how to tie a hook neck beautifully.In this case, you can use the overhead collars.By the way, they are not only used for decoration wicker products.Normal tissue dress can be easily turned into festive attire, decorated with small accessories.Especially stylish look with contrasting color detail (photo 1) .Then do not require tying crochet cap.Schemes such products require removable act from top to bottom.That is, first fit several rows, the first of which will be the edge, and then following the instructions executed small uniform expansion.

bottom product processing, processing armholes or sleeves and neck treatment hook in the same style

most harmonious look the same finishing of open sections.Agree that the shearing and tissue pritachivaniya Beek - quite a time-consuming process.And the use of other technologies (embroidery, macramé), too, is quite problematic.Therefore it is very common for product design, made of fabric or made needles, used one of the most common types of crafts - crochet.Tying the neck, especially on T-shirts, tops, dresses and other light (including openwork and children) products with an open or short-sleeved armholes, usually held the same.The first row of columns is usually carried out without nakida.And only then can fantasize to your taste by using different techniques.Then the product will look like stylistically complete, neat and beautiful.Let's start with the simplest pattern "rachy step", by which the most frequently performed tying crochet cap.Diagrams in this case is not required, since the job done for the text description is very simple.

Performing pattern "rachy step»

How to Knit the neck hook to the edge obtained smooth and do not stretch?Use the bars are not simple and unusual in its design technology.Operation in this case will run in the opposite direction - from left to right, so called viscous associated with cancer, moving back backwards.So, reaching the edge of the fabric and performing the last loop of a number of columns without nakida, do not turn the product on the reverse side.Enter a hook in the last element of the base, directing its front (squandered clockwise by 90 °), and pry the work, pre-stretched thread through the hole to the left.The instrument was formed two loops, knit them.Then, moving back, follow the "rachy step" before the end of the series.Edge product is in the form of ridges obtained from strands lying overlapped.Such a neck finish can be carried out as a main thread to match the product and finishing.

Description schemes to finish neck

Consider some simple but quite elegant ornaments that run on top of the pre-series of columns without nakida (the diagrams - a chain of air loops).

Designation ** - rapport, that is the repetition of the same elements to the end of the series.

first pattern:

1 p.- * 2 post.1 NAC. 1 Air.P.*;

2 p.- * Arch of 4 Air.p. top post. 1 post.without the Air.P.*;

3 p.- * A fan of alternating 5 post.1 nakida.and 4 Air.p. in one arch of the last row, then 1 column.without nakida.* the other arch.

second pattern:

1 p.- * Post.1 nakida. *;

2 p.- * A fan of the 4 pole.with nakida., 3 Air.P.*;

3 p.- * In the post.last number 2 post.1 nakida 3 Air.n., pico 3 Air.n. 3 Air.n. 2 post.1 nakida.*.

third pattern:

1 p.- * Post.without NAC. 3 of 3 pico Air.n., post.without NAC. 5 Sports.n. 3 loops over the last number *;

2 p.- * Post.without the arch of the Air.n. 9 Air.n. a group of pico *;

3 p.- * 9 post.without Air.n. 1 post.without the post.last row *.

simple yet elegant way to finish the product pattern "Fans»

Any edge will look carefully when using this relatively simple in execution of the ornament.Optionally to be super-skilled worker and know all the tricks of how to tie a hook neck.It is enough to just learn how to perform a chain of air loop, a column with nakida without it.The ornament consists of three rows, but you can repeat them several times.The result is a wider delicate fringe.

1 p.- On the edge of the canvas, do the arches of 5 Air.loops (on the basis of missing 3 loops) and pole.without nakida;

2 p.- Repeat the previous row, provyazyvaya post.arches in the air;

3 p.- Alternate post.without nakida (with the same pole. the previous row) and a fan in an arch made of 5 pole without nakida .: 1, 3 1 nakida 1 without nakida.

Two ways vyvyazyvaniya corners

What are the features of edging above pattern?The pivoting lines and corners.Tying can be done in two ways:

1. In the case where you plan to perform only the basic ornament without repetition, you can rely on these photos.Then, at the corner will be one of the ridges.

2. If you want to make openwork rim is wider, more change is technology.To do this, when the number 1 on the corner make the arch of Air.loops and bars without nakida (prior to her and ends with her), knit into a single loop of the base (at the corner).Then as a result of a gear on the corner of the fan will not.It will be after the repetition of 1-3 series.

So you should immediately decide how to crochet neck - to make it as a narrow edge relief or wide rims.And only then plan their future work.Otherwise, turn the neck and tightened with a concave area, connecting it with a strap product.

«Second Life» neck.Renovation of old things

Often jerseys in socks lose their original shape and form.In this case, it may be processed neck dress hook.This appearance will be fresh and appealing.Spend tying follows:

- sharp scissors, cut the edging, harness or collar;

- if necessary, baste the edge of wide stitches, tucked inside the fabric 0.5 cm;

- if the fabric has a small stud, with darting podvorot can not do;

- knit the first row of columns without nakida slightly pulling down the web, they can also be alternated with 1-2 air loops (especially with contrasting yarn), departing from each other by 3-5 mm;

- repeat the job in a circle until the desired width knitted Bakey (usually 2-2.5 cm).

Performing openwork border

Let us examine one of the options strapping mouth, relying on the proposed scheme:

1 p.- A chain of aerial loops usual;

2 p.- Alternating pole.without NAC.and arches of 3 Air.loops;

3, 4, 5, p.- Provyazyvaniya the arch 2 post.NAC. 2 Air.loop (number 3), 3 Air.loop (number 4), 4 Air.loop (number 5), and in the post.base - 1 post.NAC .;

6 p.- Provyazyvaniya the arch 9 post.2 NAC., alternating with 1 pole.1 NAC.into the ground;

7 p.- Provyazyvaniya in the first pillar.base 9 post.2 NAC., alternating with 1 Air.loop in between - performance 2 arches of 4 Air.loops;

8 p.- On top of the arches of the 9 post.NAC.performance of 4 arches of 3 Air.loops, and on top of the arches of the Air.loops - vyvyazyvanie post.2 NAC.

few can interpret the proposed pattern, finished work after the 5th series.Another, more compact version of openwork - provyazyvaniya 5-8 series with an obligatory arched serrated edge.

How to tie a neck in the form of openwork crochet yoke?

In some cases, work on finishing the open end is performed in reverse order.This means that the first knitted openwork flirt, and then all of the product.This embodiment is most commonly used in the manufacture of models with round finishing details.If the yoke must be square for easier connection to the base web, drive gain in four places.These result in the corners adjacent to the one side to the armhole, on the other - to the upper horizontal lines of shelves and back.However, many products differ not only in the performance of various technology components - delicate flirt and base web, made of dense ordinary viscous - are often used and various materials.It is fashionable, for example, to make a silk blouse openwork flirt.Or knit cardigan collar decorate the trellis.

Making neck tissue products with a hook

This knitted border looks very fashionable.But, unlike the knitted fabric, the fabric is problematic to process hook.What recommendations should be followed to obtain a beautiful neck?

- Use a knitting tool with a pointed tip for easy piercing of the web.

- It is desirable that the structure of yarns and fabrics are the same (for example, wool yarn is more suitable to the drape and the same canvas).

- Pretreatment with an inner edge of the hem is required.

Of course, not all needlewomen turns out, not all know how to tie a hook neck beautifully.But certain tips and descriptions of schemes and patterns contained in this article will help make the finish product stylish, original and neat.